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Scamp, the monkey, and her friends love to play games on the farm. Their favorite games are chase and hide and seek. The family farm has lots of great places to hide.

The sun peeks over the horizon and the alarm goes off. Lady wakes up all the sleepy animals and they have their favorite breakfast. Lady cleans up the messier of the little animals that need help. They are getting ready for a fun day on the farm. A kindergarten class is coming for a visit to see what living on the farm is like and, of course, to pet all the animals.

Lady gathers the animals around her and she says, "We have company coming today. Please be good."

She brushes all of the animals' fur and makes sure they are ready.

The school bus pulls into the driveway and the teacher steps down the bus steps. Then the tidal wave of ten little squirmy kids comes off the bus and the helper comes last with the bus driver.

The kids head straight for the wide front porch.

Lady greets the kids and they instantly calm down. They ooh and ahh as they see all the different animals.

As the animals are introduced to the kids they make happy noises and are well behaved. The children learn about all the animals that live on the farm.

They are shown where all the animals sleep and where all their special areas are.

The resident sweet little kitten, Cutie, takes it all in stride when a little boy pulls her tail. She just turns around and licks his nose. He bursts out giggling.

Scamp shows all the kids how to peel bananas which is one of her favorite tricks.

Sparky, the pup, squeaks his favorite squeaky toy and lets all the kids pet him. He loves the attention. Sparky notices the smallest little girl in the class and how quiet she is, so he goes over and lies down next to her. She pets his soft fur and talks to him and Sparky whispers to her. Her eyes widen and she knows she is special because Sparky normally does not talk to humans.

The kids and animals run around the farm. They play chase, then hide and seek. They are all tired and then it is time for the kids to go home.

Lady goes inside to get things ready for dinner time and the animals gather in the barn to talk about the fun day.

They have dinner in the barn altogether. Then it is time to get ready for bed.

They all crawl into their beds and fall asleep wondering what the next adventure will be...  


Written by DenimAngel
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