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It was springtime on the farm.

Miss Emily went all out for the decorations this year. She even found a six-foot-tall inflatable bunny.

Sparky saw the giant bunny and went into guard dog mode and barked and yipped. All the animals came to check out the reason for the barking. Miss Emily explained to everyone that it is just a bunny and perfectly harmless. Sparky about died of embarrassment.

Miss Emily said to Sparky, "You are such a good doggie to guard us like that." Sparky gave her a doggie grin and the animals took off to play a while before they had guests for the day.

Miss Emily had a fun day of activities planned. An Easter egg roll, an Easter hunt, and then an afternoon of swimming in the pond.

She invited the neighbors and her friends, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Cynthia, and Mr. Larry. Of course, Victor, the pup, came with Mr. Larry since he was a faithful canine companion. She also had the children from the orphanage come to visit for the day.

She wanted everyone to have a memorable time. She had custom baskets for every child. She even had small fun baskets for the adults too. She wanted them to feel special.

The bus pulled in the driveway and the animals went bonkers. They knew it would be a grand time. Miss Emily even had bathing suits and towels for all the children. There were floaties and water wings for them. The children filed out of the bus and ran to the animals. There was laughing and shrieking. It was a warm day so swimming would be a great time.

Scamp, the monkey, was so wound up even Sparky couldn't get her to settle down.

Miss Emily clapped her hands and everyone settled for what she had to say. She introduced her friends, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Cynthia, and Mr. Larry. The kids cheered. They knew it would be a fun day of games and stories. Mr. Larry was a grand storyteller.

They headed down to the pond for a fun Easter theme picnic. Miss Emily and her friends handed out the baskets. The children cheered and said thank you. They oohed and aahed over individual things.

The hunt was fun. Not only did they find eggs but little stuffed animals and fun little treasures.

Miss Emily said, "Who's ready to go swimming?"

The kids and adults cheered, "We are."

Everyone got in the water. The children and critters had a grand time splashing and giggling. After an hour or so it was time for a story from Mr. Larry so kids and critters got out of the water and sat down on the blankets wrapped up in their towels to hear about the Easter Bunny from Mr. Larry.

Then they had a picnic dinner and the children had to go home so they had to leave the pond and go change clothes.

There were hugs all around.

When they left Miss Emily and her helpers cleaned up the small mess and got the animals settled down in the barn. It was sunset and the animals were yawning.

Mr. Larry volunteered to tell them another story so Miss Emily and others could get the chores done and things put away. During his story, one by one the critters fell asleep on the blankets surrounding him.

He tiptoed out of the barn and went to tell Miss Emily they were sound asleep.

She went in and saw the cuteness overload and didn't have the heart to move them so she and Mr. Larry covered everyone up and she kissed their foreheads and then turned on the night light as they left the barn

The animals were dreaming of the next adventure...


Written by DenimAngel
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