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Author's Notes

"This is the 11th story in the series of Scamp's Adventures.."

It was a beautiful fall day on the farm. Miss Emily decided today was the day to teach Sparky, the dog, to use a leash.

Miss Emily was gonna teach him how to walk on a leash when walking away from their property. Sparky wasn't a fan of the leash and made his opinion known about it. But she knew he would be a good pup for her. 

Miss Emily called out, "Sparky, come here." 

He looked at his friends who were scattered around the front lawn basking in the cool weather. Then he walked over to Miss Emily and looked up at her. 

She said, "Today we are gonna start your leash training." 

He let out a groan but obediently let her clip the leash on his collar. They were just going to walk around the farm the first time so he could get used to the leash without distractions from strangers. He was stubborn at first then Miss Emily had a bright idea. She would invite Mr. Larry and his pup, Victor, over for a visit to show Sparky how easy it was to walk on the leash and that it could be great fun.

Sparky and Victor were good friends. Sparky liked to hang out with Victor so it sounded like it would be good fun.

The other animals thought it would be wonderful because Mr. Larry would stick around after the lesson and tell them a fantastic story from when he was in the theatre.

They arrived and everyone greeted Mr. Larry and Victor. Then they went back to playing while Sparky was learning.

Sparky copied everything Victor did and he realized this would be easy-peasy. And Victor told him a secret when Miss Emily and Mr. Larry were talking.

When the lesson was over Miss Emily called them over and told them that Mr. Larry was gonna tell them a story. Then it would be time to get ready for supper.

So Mr. Larry told them a story. That was fun. Then they all had supper. After they finished Mr. Larry and Victor left to go home.

Scamp, being a mischievous little monkey, found it hilarious that Sparky would let them teach him how to use a leash. But later Sparky whispered to her, "Me using a leash means I can go shopping with Miss Emily and help her pick out... "

Scamp finished excitedly, "TREATS." 

The others heard about this and thought it was a fantastic idea and chatted excitedly about it. Miss Emily walked over to them to see what they were so excited about.

Sparky looked up at her all innocent like and she giggled. She said, "You were telling them how you might get to help me with treats."

Sparky guiltily nodded his head and Miss Emily just shook her head laughing.

The animals were tumbling across the yard having a great time. Then, one by one, they started yawning. Miss Emily decided it was time for her little critters to go to bed.

"Okay, little ones, time to get ready for bed and a bedtime story."

They scurried off to the barn and settled down on their beds and waited for Miss Emily to come in to tuck them in and tell them a story.

She tucked them in and read them a story from a book of fairytales.

They drifted off one by one and she kissed their foreheads. 

"Good night, little ones."

She checked the temperature and turned on the night light and walked out of the barn. 

The animals were dreaming of their next adventure.



Written by DenimAngel
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