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It was a spa day on the farm and the animals were excited.

Sparky, the pup, let the new animals know what the day would be like so they wouldn't be nervous. Sparky loved a spa day. It was his favorite event on the farm other than the day when the kids came to visit.

Miss Emily had breakfast ready for her little ones. After breakfast, her helpers for the day arrived. She needed lots of help for the day because all the animals were getting pampered.

Scamp, the monkey, always liked to turn a spa day into an adventure. She didn't like to get her nails trimmed or bows put on her tail. Miss Emily put Sparky in charge of the younger animals to calm them when they were getting their nails or hooves trimmed and made pretty.

First up for baths and pampering were the bunnies, Flopsy and Mopsy. Flopsy and Mopsy loved getting a bath and splashing in the huge tub.

Next up was Cutie, the cat, and boy did she kick up a fuss. Cats don't like baths and she let her opinion on the subject be known. She got dried off and her nails trimmed and a pretty pink bow tied around her neck.

Blackie, the pony, got a bath in the shower/tub combo custom made for the bigger animals that would fit in the outside claw foot tub that Emily had for the animals. Blackie had a little nervous fit until Sparky came over near him. Blackie was as cool as a cucumber as his hooves were trimmed. He got a new bridle and blue harness.

Jack, the donkey, was an old pro at getting a bath and hooves trimmed but loved the attention of the girl in charge of bathing him. He liked having Sparky near when there was someone new.

Lynnie, the lamb, was not accustomed to baths and this was her first spa day. When it was her turn for her wool to be thinned she became upset. She kicked up a fuss and bleated like she was getting murdered.

Sparky scurried across the yard and sat down next to Lynnie. She calmed down instantly and let them finish grooming her without so much as a peep. In the end, she was all fluffy and clean.

Then it was Scamp's turn and she always gave Miss Emily a run for her money when it came to getting a bath and her nails trimmed. Scamp tried to run off but Sparky grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and dropped her with a great big splash into the bathtub. She got squeaky clean and mumbled about how unfair it was when she was getting her nails clipped. She did her best to get the pink bow off the tip of her tail.

Last but not least it was Sparky's turn and he was perfectly obedient. He enjoyed his bath. He was dried off and only mumbled a bit when the girl put a blue bow tie on him. He knew he could relax now that everyone was groomed.

All the animals were cleaned and were enjoying a treat. They were waiting for dinner which was gonna be a picnic feast with the helpers joining them for dinner.

Later, after dinner, they headed to the barn to settle down for the night while Miss Emily and her helpers did the evening chores. Miss Emily said goodbye to her help and went to the barn.

The little ones got settled in the barn. Their beds had clean sheets and blankets. 

Scamp was still trying to get the bow off and Sparky came over to help her out.

Miss Emily picked up the book she had been reading to them and they settled down for their story. 

Finally, she kissed them all goodnight on their foreheads and said, "Goodnight little ones."

Written by DenimAngel
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