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May you have Peace and love Always in your heart Much laughter and smiles upon your lips May you find gold at the end of the rainbow Your loved one a heartbeat away Song and dance to move your spirit These blessings to you For you deserve them and so much...

6 years ago

D.T - Thrain and Company: Chapter 1

The quest to find the right group to climb the tower begins.

Thrain and company: Chapter 1 King Aldon sat in the quiet and empty library reading over a large book by candle light. Footsteps casually approached him and a voice asked, "You wanted to see me, my king?" The voice was Thrain, Aldon knew without having to...

7 years ago

Starry Night

My wish on a falling star...

On a cool starry night with the full moon high in the skyI lean against a tree. Just thinking, hoping, watching to catch sight of a falling star. While I wait my thoughts driftto my friends and familywondering how they are? what they are doing? and if the...

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7 years ago

The Dream Maker from Oz, Part 2

He gave his heart and soul to his love

Before the rest of this tale, a little history of this Dream Maker from Oz... Long ago, eons some would say, a young man was born on the Isle of Man. His father and his father's father taught this young man the way of a warrior in the use of sword and bat...

7 years ago

The Dream Maker from Oz

sit and tell me your dream

This tale begins with warm western breezes pushing thru the land called Oz. The land of Oz was well known for the mystical people who call it home. People would come from afar to take consult from a ancient wise man.  This man a true ancient in Oz, with d...

Meghan- Thoughts of a Ghost Girl

From the point of view of Meghan, my first ever character from 5 years ago...

It's as if I'm looking in a mirror, I see my dark red wig, curls perfect, my eyes closed- by Jason of course- but usually shimmery green, fear upon my face... I've felt a lot of that these past months. Jason is kneeling next to the bed- next to me- tears...

9 years ago

Two Sonnets for My Daughter's Wedding

A father's loving wishes at his daughter's wedding

1If this were paradise--fall would never fade;the leaves so red and orange would always glowin the wonder of the autumn light, and the shadeof shadows from the trees would never go,and the ancient sun and moon would always shineand fill our endless days w...

10 years ago


We worry too damn much. We have just one life to live, let your hair down and live it.

Live  Don Abdul ©2005 ~~x~~ Life may be unfair Harsher in its judgement every passing year Loss of youth a great concern To those who hoarded that priceless gem Regret is for them You live but once So enjoy life, have fun by the tonnes For when the night...