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Over 90 days ago
United Kingdom


I'm a graphic designer, illustrator and complementary therapist. I write for a magazine, have done some artwork which has been published (much to my surprise!)

I'm interested in health and healing, reading, music, art, drawing plus much more

Favorite Books
I have many favourite books, but I've not been reading so much of late.
One of my recent favourites is The End of Mr Y, by Scarlett Thomas

Favorite Authors
Stephen King, Iain Banks, Nicholson Baker, Scarlett Thomas, Ann Rice, to name but a few

Favorite Movies
I don't watch much TV or many movies. The most recent film I enjoyed at the cinema was the latest Batman one...
I like all sorts though...

Favorite Music
I do love Music and always have some playing through the house. I go to a lot of gigs and I like most kinds of music although I'm not so keen on R&B or Jazz
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I wait and I wait for a message from you, Though I know that you're busy, you've got stuff to do. You might be out of sight but you're way on my mind And I try to be generous, not to think you unkind.~o~ I glance at my watch, I'm still here all alone. I k...


Sometimes it's hard to be yourself...

I dreamed that all my wounds had healed, which freed me to move on.My confidence was coming back, I'd thought it all but gone.A smile, a laugh, an opening up, a glimmer of some hope,But my epistemic self still said I was a dope.Not sure if I was worthy, w...


How I gave a home to someone that was lost

I woke up, yawned, blinked and stretched out my arms. I was pleasantly surprised to feel the warmth of the sun streaming in through the window onto my face and body."Well, this is a good start," I smiled to myself. "The weather's been so grey around these...