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Animals Stories



A seemingly empty house contains many corpses of animals, and why should the drum not be banged?

The house was of no significance, and would barely warrant a second glance, nestled as it was a mile from the nearest town on a country lane leading into cloudy valleys. As Daniel Carter drove past, he slowed down, then halted the Volkswagen Passat and st...

Gus’s Life ---A dog's eye view of his world. Intro Okay here are the bare facts. The ugly truth; I am a dog! I guess it could have been worse; I could have been born a cat. Now there’s a bad attitude and a waste of fur if ever I saw one. With dogs, you al...

Rabbits leap Turtles creep Elephants stomp Kangaroos hopHorses clopBirds fly I don't know why Lions stalk But as for me... I walk

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Cieren The Badger

Cieren needs to find a new home.

Cieren is a badger his name is Welsh and is pronounced Keeran. He was born in the Brecon Beacons in South Wales. He had been very happy living with his family there, until one day the badgers heard farmer Jones tell his son that the badgers carried a dise...


life with critters

Let me tell you about my pets. I wonder why they're known as pets, because you pet them? Can't be, nobody pets a goldfish, do they? I've seen people pet a parrot, damn near lost a finger, too. Anyway, I was telling you about my critters. Right now, I've g...

Farm Tales

My adventures in farming (good and bad.. lol)

Farm Tales Firstly, let me tell you a little about myself. My name’s Kari and I am an import. What’s an import you say? It means that I either am from another country or the city. In my case it’s the city. Being a city girl, I had very little knowledge of...

Santa, maybe?

A man's travels find him face to face with a nightmare before Christmas.

Spectacular is the only word that can describe the view from the plane window flying into Jackson Hole, Wyoming. One gets fearful as the Grand Tetons appear as though they will scrape the bottom of the plane at any second. One ponders whether at any momen...