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Over 90 days ago


I love the whole creative process. I love art, photography, fiddling with photo shop, and yes...writing!

I love turning doodles into masterpieces with the help of photo shop..that's my latest obsession. I also love surreal photography, photographing my (mostly UNphotogenic) cats, watching GIRLS and THE WALKING DEAD (not together, of course!), helping with my husband's E-smoke business.....and making jewelry.
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Tangerine Cartwheels

Third grader Caralynn Campbell can not do a cartwheel and it is ruining her life!

Today I am at the community pool with my best friend Brittany and Brittany's new friend Drew. I'm wearing my favorite tangerine orange bikini. I also just had my favorite snack, which is an ice-cream taco. This should be a really fun time. Only, it's not....

Gone Fishing

I must be crazy getting up at this hour!

4:30 in the morning. Up BEFORE the crack of dawn. It's pitch black out. There isn't a sound. Up before the birds. I am half asleep. No, scratch that. I am more than half asleep. More like 3/4 asleep! Sweat-shirt, jeans...I stumble around the room, getting...

Bad Chemistry

He had this weird magic power that caused all her good judgement to fly out the window.

Margo sat huddled in the dark basement. Upstairs, she heard the "click" of the back-door opening - opening in a sneaky sinister sort of a way. That door was supposed to be locked! Margo thought, her heart racing. How did he get in so easily? Wow, this is...