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Heat rushing to my face He said yes My dear god  He actually said yes   After so many years No being repeatedly  Sent my way  But now I am entranced   I can’t move  I can’t breathe  My knees begin to shake  My heart in a rhythmless dance   Tears of joy fl...

My love is over pouring  Into my hands  Like oil  From an alabaster box   Knees so weak  From traveling  Long, rocky roads  To this point in our lives   My feet are scarred From jagged edges  Broken pieces  From trials and failures   But we held on  Never...

I'll love you forever Never leaving my heartHeated kisses of surrenderFrozen in the darkEyes blazed in passionTelling our truthsTime and distance Only serves our proofThat we love without forceNaturally and pureFirst with simple smilesAnd silly little wor...

Mother and wife

A small tribute to those that were left behind

That her God always hears That is what she believes And that helps her and comforts her Because she grieves For the loss of her loved ones Both her husband and son Who had died in september of 2001 They were firemen  Rescuing folks from the towers And whe...

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Bad Chemistry

He had this weird magic power that caused all her good judgement to fly out the window.

Margo sat huddled in the dark basement. Upstairs, she heard the "click" of the back-door opening - opening in a sneaky sinister sort of a way. That door was supposed to be locked! Margo thought, her heart racing. How did he get in so easily? Wow, this is...


Read the lines of Dog

Every night I walk into my house He attacks me with his fearless paws And those fierce teeth He scratches my flesh and he barks vulgar words I see wickedness in his eyes When he has done Trampling on my lifeless body He sticks out his tongue to show victo...


Sometimes it take cries in the night to interrupt a long held silence.

Nobody said it would be easy. She just didn’t expect it’d be this hard. The clock ticks the hours, the minutes, the seconds, and with each passing minute of daylight, she sighs deeply and braces for the screams. Her husband’s arrival carries with it simul...

The Devil Went Down to Georgia

A husband's quest to vanquish his mother-in-law from his life.

Ask most people what I do for a living and they’ll say I chase ambulances. That is simply false. I married a nurse precisely because I am not a good runner and did not want to have to chase them. In truth, my actual job title is “Attorney and Counselor at...


A young man contemplates joining the ranks of fatherhood.

No babies. Ever. It is a strictly enforced, no exception policy I have put into place. Everyone I know told me that it was a foolish policy to implement. One day, they insisted, I would change my mind and have at least one child. Parents, grandparents, fr...