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I am just a 17 year old catering assistant from the Western outskirts of possibly the most fantastic city of them all. London. I travel quite a fair bit up and down the UK as a loyal supporter of Queens Park Rangers Football Club (aka Q.P.R) and on long journeys I tend to get new ideas for lyrics, poetry or whatever. I am a British national however with roots from Germany which is a place I do visit a lot after all I have set foot in Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Bremen, Koln and Dusselfdorf but I still have the desire to still explore more. I would describe myself as a very calm and gentle person no to mention a passionate lover but I can also get very very impatient. I am also very liberal and I believe you shouldn't suffer any discrimination be it any race, culture, religion or social background so you could my political views are Liberal and Socialistic. I am also a vegetarian which is does limit my options when I go out to eat but its fine. I tend to stick to poems because I tend to work well with the boundaries that poems have and I love to experiment with punctuation and rhyming couplings. Hope this bio gives you more of an insight to me, feel free to add me and I will see you around.

Music, Online gaming, Football, Art, Beatboxing, Fashion, Food, Television, Traveling, Poetry

Favorite Books
Red Dwarf, Harry Potter, Happyslapped By A Jellyfish, Willy Wonka, Romeo and Juliet, Foul, Hooped Dreams, Call Of The Wild, Of Mice & Men, Oliver Twist, George's Marvelous Medicine.

Favorite Authors
Grant Naylor, J.K Rowling, Karl Pilkington, Roald Dahl, William Shakespeare, Andrew Jennings, Mick Kelly, Jack London, John Steinbeck, Charles Dickens

Favorite Movies
Star Wars (Whole series), Harry Potter (Whole series), Zoolander, Dodgeball, Paul, Run Fatboy Run, Pirates Of The Caribbean (Whole series), Still Crazy, Sweeny Todd, Four Year Plan (AdHoc), Johnny English, Get Him To The Greek, Unstoppable.

Favorite Music
Alice Cooper, Apocalyptica, The Ark, Blur, The Clash, Eurythmics, Flogging Molly, Foo Fighters, Guns & Roses, The Hoosiers, Jamiroquai, Kings Of Leon, Kula Shaker, Linkin Park, Lordi, Marilyn Manson, Mighty Boosh, Paloma Faith, Placebo, Queen, Rammstein, Red Hot Chilli Peppers,Terasbetoni, Terrorvision, The White Stripes and lastly Zdob Si Zdub
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My Home Is My Hell

A poem about the life of a wife with an abusive husband, sadly she has given up and just takes it.

How did I get into this messWe used to be so happy togetherNow it's my own blood on my little black dressI will feel my face sting from his slap foreverI am too scared to say how I truly feel and confessThat I hate him but he just keeps yanking my hair. M...

Angry Birds: Poem Edition

An epic but humourous poem about the famous iPhone and Android game Angry Birds

They have stolen from us one last time.Tonight is the night we attack and flyAnd they shall pay for this grievous crimeNow is the moment those green bastards die. We hear the mighty sprang as we soarHitting them in clusters and hitting them hardThe loud s...

New Life By The Tracks.

A man starts to question why he moved into a horrible apartment but sees the good in the situation.

Why did I move here? What is that awful smell? The train tracks outside the window are loud as hell. How will this affect sleep? Why is the carpet damp? I just saw a tiny leak near that dusty old ceiling lamp. Where are those bloody keys? What is that ann...