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Keys can be lost or misplaced - but not always

Look by the door,   A row of hooks Hung with keys - Basement, attic, car All are useful   If you please   But one sits alone No door does it claim   That door is long gone   And all that remains Is the key That unlocked its dreams.    

A Girl and Her Piano

The feel of them under musical hands... and the heavenly sounds they make when played just right...

The keys give. Under the weight of her fingers,  they fold and make one sound,  then one more,  and as she moves down the line,  getting a feel for the beautiful instrument,  many more notes fill the air. They permeate it with their soft tones  of love an...

"Honey, I'm ho-ome," Matt warbled as he entered the kitchen and tossed his keys into a bowl on the table. Loosening his tie, he made for the bedroom, where he expected to find his wife changing from her work clothes.Instead he met her in the dining room,...

New Life By The Tracks.

A man starts to question why he moved into a horrible apartment but sees the good in the situation.

Why did I move here? What is that awful smell? The train tracks outside the window are loud as hell. How will this affect sleep? Why is the carpet damp? I just saw a tiny leak near that dusty old ceiling lamp. Where are those bloody keys? What is that ann...