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I’ve managed to get myself in a bit of a routine lately, I never thought I could. Untidiness was just one of my little ways. He said he liked that about me, at first. Of course, people change when you've been with them for a while. Now I’m as tidy as t...

Morning brings the lightOf a brand new day  With the freshness  Of hope and loveThe twinkling stars stop and restThe night sounds all go silent The darkness will come back soon But for now it is ligh...

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aidan 6 years ago

The Inheratence

Day of discovery

The InheritanceAlice Parker sat in the diner drinking a morning coffee that had just been poured by the departing waitress. She sat by the window that read Tommie’s Diner, she was peeking through the letter O as he walked by. He was tall and had b...

I love the early mornings Before the sun comes up To sit and watch the start of a day As the darkness starts to fade To see the first light Start to slowly come my way To hear the birds singing The...

Circle_Something 6 years ago

My New-ish Guitar

Me? I'm just a musing person, you can tell me by the way I write.

I bought a guitar on Friday. This is no ordinary, straight out-of-the-box, ready to play thing. Nope, it’s knackered. I bought a knackered guitar? Why the buggeration? Well, because I wanted the challenge of fixing it up. It has no electronics, no bridge,...

CKAcres 6 years ago

Winter Moon

Birth of a new moon always excites.

As you come into view. Warmth courses through my veins. Removing all my blue. Freeing my heart of locks and chains. Elation awaits in the queue. Building immunity to my pains. Darkness again we'll b...

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PrinzLucky 9 years ago

New Life By The Tracks.

A man starts to question why he moved into a horrible apartment but sees the good in the situation.

Why did I move here? What is that awful smell? The train tracks outside the window are loud as hell. How will this affect sleep? Why is the carpet damp? I just saw a tiny leak near that dusty old ceiling lamp. Where are tho...

Demivierge 9 years ago

Holly's Freedom

A short piece on Holly and how a mysterious dream made her move on from her recent break up.

It was 7 in the morning, her eyes half open. Holly could see no sunlight streaming from her bedroom window yet. It was too early, and yet she had woken up. It doesn't matter though; she had had awoken from one of those dreams. The ones that crushed her he...

MileeBanerjeeOGN 9 years ago


my new year gift to myself.

Dear Friends, The silence was drowning me into my innermost thoughts that seemed to sprout from ‘second week’ at my new assignment. The cream and maroon cubicle with an entire glass wall on one side and an endless stretch of green reminded...

CKAcres 9 years ago

New Year

A New Year is ready to be ushered in, a past one ready to be archived.

Wouldn't it be great if all of our pain,could be released like the cork,from a bottle of champagne. Rocketing high, coming to rest on the floor,pressure released, flying away, never to be felt, forever more. A New Year is r...

On the train to the city we see a bunch of kids dressed as elfs, Santa Clauses, and slutty Mrs.'s packed...Saturday. An awkward staring fest as to who gets the best seats and who's nice enough to give their seats to a lady and stand the whole...