You Need To Get A Grip On Things

Not even your neighbours can help you!…

A pensioner went to the surgery for a sperm count test. The doctor gave him a jar to provide a sample.Next day, the man returned with the empty jar.Curious, the doctor asked why."Well, first I tried with my right hand, then with my left, nothing. The…

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Time Stands Still For No One

Thoughts on growing old.…

I am related by marriage to one of the big old Birmingham UK families, and at any family event, there are always aunts and uncles, cousins, and nephews, and nieces to catch up with.This afternoon, I attended a family funeral, and as is always the cas…

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Unearthing The Past

Sometimes things are better left where they lie.…

"Beep!"A coke can."Beep!"Rusty barbed wire.Every time Derek got a response from his metal detector, it turned out to be another worthless item.The farmer always gave him permission to check out his field after the autumn ploughing, and all day he had…

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Duplicity At The Annual Church Fete

The innocence of a child let the cat out of the bag !…

Wandering around at the annual church fete, I spotted a bubbly Girl Scout standing beside a table covered in plates of delicious looking cookies.“Please buy some cookies from me!” she begged. “It’s for the charity appeal.” “How much are they?” I ask…

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The Gift

A beautiful lady deserves the very best!…

Entering the jewellers he pointed at a bracelet."I'll take that one please." The assistant boxed the bracelet and gift wrapped it. "That's an expensive gift, special occasion?" "It's a birthday gift. Only the best for my special lady." The assistant …

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Fire At Brook Farm

The reality of a burning building is tinged with the sadness of old age.…

Late one night, the police phoned to inform us that one of my grandfather’s buildings was on fire.We rushed up to Brook Farm, but could only stand and watch as his old wooden barn burned to the ground. The firemen let us stand nearby as they pum…

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It's An Accident Waiting To Happen

Mom had her doubts - and she was proved right.…

It was all my fault, I should never have said yes.Approaching his birthday he asked for a new car to replace his old battered one. I agreed but told him not to drive too fast, but as usual, he didn't listen."Don't worry Mom - it'll be okay."I knew it…

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No One Needs To Know

My attempt at a first line story prompt for Tams…

To everyone in the room, she seemed just like a normal girl wearing Vans, blue jeans, and a red hoodie.She stood alongside her husband and the other helpers, preparing food parcels for the homeless and needy."Is that who I think it is?" asked one vol…

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The Verdict

"It is up to you what does or does not happen."…

As I walked into the room it felt as if everyone there turned to watch me.My wife walked alongside me for support, but in her heart, she knew she could not help me.I alone was responsible for the path I had chosen last week, and now it was time to he…

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The Pit Stop

Tyres spent after forty miles of abuse; the racecar is signalled to pit for replacements.Nervous mechanics wait as the driver drives in at 60mph before swerving into his alloted slot, expertly sliding to a halt in front of his crew.Team chiefs and an…

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Lockdown Blues

Covid has been with us now for over a yearBut facemasks unfortunately we still have to wearBoris says restrictions will soon come to an endAnd time with our friends we'll be able to spendBut sensible and safe we need folks still need to beOr the end …

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My Online Friend

My feelings for a friend.…

Going online I try to meet her on hereHoping to chat about things we hold dearSharing our news we have plenty to sayHow is the weather - how good was your day?What have we done - where have we been?Interesting things we both may have seenWith friendl…

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