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1 day ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 13 – Homecoming

Solo's magnificent return is interrupted by none other than the racer who beat him at the Grand Prix

29th of November – Season 3 Solo Magubane tried to relax as the plane made its final descent, making fists with his toes. Solo always flew with flip-flops on so that he could slip them off when he needed to and he needed to now, having never liked this pa...

4 days ago

Show-Down at the Capital - A Fuel Story

It's the one night a year where Formula-X takes to the mainland!

28th of November – Season 3 Eleanor Coetzee was uncomfortable. She was currently sitting in the back of a black Hyundai SUV with the Formula-X Racing Club President, Terrance 'Moodswing' Moodley. She didn't know what was worse: being called to his office...

1 week ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 12 – The Ex-Feature-Racer

After falling off the line of succession, Kloof looks to prove that his days headlining are not over

22nd of November – Season 3 When John Kloof had read the post on the Formulary, his heart had skipped a beat. How could it not? The first ever Formula-X Queen had named him as the only former King she regretted never facing while she was reigning Queen. S...

2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 11 – Rivals and Crushes

As his personal life comes to life in the public light, JVZ looks to his zen for guidance.

15th of November – Season 3 "Juan, where are we going?" Juan can Zonder looked at his companion The eighteen-year-old Teresa Koek had a worried look on her face but he knew that there was an excitement building in her as he led her up the mountain. "You'l...

3 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 10 – New Girls Day

New girls Savana and Plain Jane Deyi look to show the fandom what they've got tonight.

8th of November – Season 3 Jane Deyi – or Plain Jane Deyi as Moodswing had renamed her – was excited! How could she not be? Last week, she’d won the Duchess of Drag title on her debut episode! She’d been excited all week long, having gone to bed with the...

1 month ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 9 – Enter the Dojo

The Saharan Knockout makes her magnificent debut as the first North African racer in the series

1st of November – Season 3 “Yami,” shouted the karate instructor. “That’s enough kumite for today.” “Oss Sensei,” said Savana and her sparring partner in unison. “Savana here still has a big night ahead of her,” said Sensei Jannie as he came up to Savana...

1 month ago

Hallow's Eve [S3] – A Fuel Story

It's the one night a year where there's permission for all hell to break loose and F-X is all in

31st of October – Season 3 Darcy Stevens woke up with a start. She looked around, relieved to see that she was still in the comfort of her bed, safe and sound. It had only been a nightmare but one that could very well come true if she wasn’t careful. She...

1 month ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 8 – The Girl with the Crush

Following her guest spot on Touching Base last week, Teresa's crush make F-X news

25th of October – Season 3 MONDAY AFTERNOON: KOEK RESIDENCE Teresa was reading Moodswing’s Feeder page feedling for what felt like for the hundredth time. “JVZ will take on John Kloof in a return race from the Year-End Bash, Season One.” This was big. JVZ...

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1 month ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 7 - The Host of Boast

Touch Mkhize finally gets a shot at taking down the Queen and getting one step closer to the top.

18th of October – Season 3 Touch woke up with a start when the bus lurched to a stop. It was fortunate that he did because this was his stop. Touch Mkhize hadn’t taken the bus in almost three years but it had been a necessity this time as he didn’t trust...

1 month ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 6 - Battle of the Babes

As the Women's Dynasty heats up, 2 female racers look to lock horns to prove dominance.

11th of October – Season 3 “Hey Doris, have you seen my leather jacket anywhere? I’m sure I put it in the boot but I can’t find it.” Brenda was speaking with some urgency as she was running late for her meeting with Moodswing ahead of Fuel. Teresa jumped...

1 month ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 5 – The Impaler Strikes Back

Thawn looks to complete his revenge by tackling the last name on his list... the F-X Queen!

4th of October – Season 3 "So tonight you take on the Formula-X Queen, huh?" Thawn took note of Jeremiah's tone. "No, tonight I take out the Formula-X Queen," responded Thawn, specifying. It was the final part of what he called his revenge tour for retrib...

2 months ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 4 – The Women's Dynasty Begins

While a new Queen is coronated, another woman begins a revolution for women in motorsport

27th of September – Season 3 Penny Potgieter had never really liked weddings. They were a mess to organize because the people getting married always thought they knew better than her. In the end, it was always an elaborate celebration for people who didn'...

2 months ago

Arbour Games [S3] – A Fuel Story

In the first PPV of the season, the new Formula-X Queen must face off with 'The Diamond' of F-X.

26th of September – Season 3 Devì stared at the Arbour Games poster that had her and Stevie on it and couldn’t help but be disappointed. Does this make me look fat? Looks were very important to Devì and she was unapologetic about it. Devì wondered why the...

2 months ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 3 – All That Sparkles

Stevie takes one final step towards achieving her goal of sitting on the Formula-X throne

20th of September – Season 3 As Darcy Stevens looked over the edge of the pier, looking out at the ocean watching the sun set, she thought about the night ahead and how nervous she was. She only had one shot at doing this right and it was all riding on he...

2 months ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 1 – All Hail the Queen

After winning the Formula-X Crown at the Formula-X Grand Prix, the New Queen makes her Fuel debut

6th of September – Season 3 Devì had never really been shy about being in front of the camera. In fact, the word shy wasn’t part of her vocabulary which was why she was currently dressed in tight leather pants and matching cropped leather jacket over an e...