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Over 90 days ago
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Amanda the witch

spooky spells

Amanda the green witch very gently squeezed Yew berry to bewitch vile mortals who deserved to die by drinking brown- black seeds venting her wrath into the vat, her gown splashed by the boiling broth. Death Cap, Panther Cap a Pinch of, Fly Agaric Destroyi...

first kiss

a young couple kiss for the first time

Tentative trusting and tenderly his lips lightly lingered on my mouth. Innocent and trustful I felt his body trembling against mine. Hopefully and hungry for love; I returned his kiss and love was mine. We clung to each other oblivious of the partying peo...


I lie in the grass becoming part of it

I lie back in thegrass wekeep long forthe butterflies.watching theclouds scudding across the skyfeeling the tall stalksswaying inthe windRemembering when I was achild runningbare leggeddown a grassyslope,falling and grazing my kneeswith greenblood of theg...


Peace tiptoes gently into my heart

Peace tiptoes gently Into my life Letting me breathe Keeping you in my sight. The moon glows and the stars shine so bright; imagine the universe a travelling light. Peace inside me Gives me the strength To see how the world Could be in serenity. One day a...


Sharing beauty with my love

I catch my breath at the beauty of a tulip nodding in the breeze, the sweet moon shining like a Cheshire cat’s smile; an opalescent raindrop drooping from a spider’s web. Such beauty in the curve of your shoulder and the dark brows that protect your eyes;...


Can we find a similar thing to heal the planet

Sensodine toothpaste Can actually repair Sensitive teeth. Occasional twinges can mean areas of your mouth are vulnerable. Now it is possible To repair those teeth. With advanced Novamin technology. And our toothbrushes help to protect your teeth from eros...


Listening to music helps me through my day

As I listen to Bach; peaceful notes to rest my busy mind, gently enter my ears, calming my heart; the music carries me along energising my heart beat. The cello strings are gently stroked by the musician, working so hard to emulate his hero dead but exult...


A chance slipped away

HOPELESS I am so shattered and so needlessly empty I thought I had a chance I was so expectant. Where did that chance go? The story was perfect. My heart was fully engaged; And my soul; my peers gave me loving feedback and my hope was pure. The day came t...

Island Life

I find myself herding sheep on an ancient island.

I stood on an Erraid hill, attuned to ancient times; sensing the continuum of island life from the first sheep herders. For a city dweller it was a thrill when the signal “move forward” came from the valley below. Hurrying, scrambling; feeling the sun and...

What will I eat

I worry that I will have no food to eat when I visit a cousin abroad

“Marie has invited us to visit her in Paris,” my husband said. Joyful for him as he has little contact with his family it would be a scary journey for me. Into the unknown; visiting a cousin who only eats vitamins and drinks black coffee. What will I eat...


A man finds a lost child

As I wandered along amongst the detritus of humanity; dogs of the market place, dead flowers, chewed up receipts half eaten burgers in plastic take-away boxes; someone’s shoe, a red jacket flung over a table (someone would miss that); the rats finding tit...


a woman feels guilty when she kills a creature by mistake.

Everything in this world has a place except for me This flower cosy in its family of daffodils waving in unison under the pink blossoms of the cherry tree. reminds us it is Spring This worm undulating its tiny body has the purpose to aureate the grass. Ev...