Dragon Rider

Zale does something no other dragon rider has done before.…

Zale adjusted his brown, leather riding gear in front of the mirror. His eyes flicked to the top right corner of the mirror and his gaze was pulled to the vacant stone dragon bed near the room’s huge arched doorway. For six years, he and his dragon S…

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To My Daughter

My hands are large, and yours are smallI forget sometimes, how unsure they areIn a home for adults, you make your wayThere are times I get angry, when you spill drink on the floorSometimes I’m impatient, when your strides don’t match mineHurry up, do…

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Born Sleeping

Poem about loss…

You were born with your eyes closedWhat colour they were, I’ll never knowYour chest was still, but you felt warmYour face was beautiful, with skin so softMy tears were wet, they ran down my cheeksMy sobs were loud, but no-one caredMy heart was shatte…

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Depression Is A Dirty Word

How depression can ruin a life.…

I stand on the top of the building where I work watching the congested traffic trying to make its way out of the city after a long hard day’s work. It's Friday, and it seems the entire city has decided to leave at 4pm to get an early start to the we…

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Dayna scrambled through the escape pod hatch and into the cool morning air. Standing on the side of the pod, she looked back along the furrow it had scored through the forest when it landed. She slipped down the side of the pod, and when her bare fee…

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Shanna dreams of owning a dragon for a pet.…

Dragons! There is something fascinating about the unattainable.Shanna watches as the massive black creature from her hiding place beneath a rocky outcropping. From the tip of its scaly snout, to the end of it horned tail, Shanna estimates it to be f…

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Do Your Time, Before Your Crime

Was there no way to kill Alex so that he would just stay dead?Jason leveled his blaster and shot again, hitting Alex in the center of the chest. Alex hit the lush green grass of the park with a dull thud, and lay there unmoving. Jason waited, his arm…

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Final Goodbye

Saying goodbye to a friend.…

Final Goodbye Andy, the junior engineer of the galactic mining ship Gantry, stepped into the engine room and sensed there was something wrong, but he couldn’t place what it was. He shrugged and continued into the bowels of the mining ship to find hi…

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