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I am Leo and this is my story

Ginger   I heard my Mom's voice, she sounded sad, her voice was the first comforting voice I ever heard and now it will be the last voice I will hear... I loved my Mom, she held me against her chest and her tears dripped on me, I wanted to use my paw to t...

Chapter FifteenTraining day for EdHealingThe radio went off in the bedroom easy listening music from the local radio station began to play. It was morning, and although the sun would not rise for two more hours, it was time for Ed to begin his day. Billy'...


Billy's recovery

Chapter ThirteenChicken SoupWhen they arrived back on the farm, Ed carried Billy from the Jeep into the farm house in his arms, as Kaye held the kitchen door for him. Dodger and Benny were barking long before they had come through the door, they both stop...


The Nursery

Chapter Twelve The NurseryAll dogs begin as pups, of course; Billy was no different except his arrival was harder than most puppies. His birth began on a cold day in January about five years ago. He was born on a neighboring farm near Old Tom Brennan's fa...


A Journey Home

Chapter 11 Jam Jams It was almost one pm by the time Ed and Kaye made their way into town. Kaye had used the free time to make good on part of her debt to Barb. The fruit of her efforts was placed in a large baggie on the Jeep's front seat between Ed and...


Billy's story begins Chapter 2

Billy chapter 2 Billy missed Tom's kind, soothing voice that made him feel safe. He dreamed of his pillow where he would lay between the table and stove. Tom would talk to him as he cooked, washed dishes or drank his coffee, as his read the paper at the t...

Which way do I turn?  When everything I see reminds me of you you where such a big part of my life  now you have to go away It is so not fair  Because it wasn’t your fault  You were only doing  What came naturally. I am sorry I could not help I really did...

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Shanna dreams of owning a dragon for a pet.

Dragons! There is something fascinating about the unattainable.Shanna watches as the massive black creature from her hiding place beneath a rocky outcropping. From the tip of its scaly snout, to the end of it horned tail, Shanna estimates it to be fifty m...