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And So It Ends

how things just sort of fizzle

Robert Frost said “fire and ice” But he was wrong. It wasn’t like that at all. Oh, there was fire, and a brilliant flame it was. Our exothermic chemistry filled the air. And the electricity filled the air with ozone of new found love and lust and wonder a...

Saturday Groceries

I hate Saturday shopping.

I have somehow gotten myself on a schedule of Saturday grocery shopping, so tomorrow, I'll pick up a pie crust or two, and cook up the rest of the rhubarb puree in a pie. I'm just gonna get enough stuff to get me through until Wednesday or so, because I h...


Memories from when I was three.

I guess I am probably of the last generation that can remember when milk, eggs, bread, butter, and other dairy products were delivered. And, because of the war, our milkman in Darby (a suburb of Philadelphia, not Darby, England) used a horse and wagon. I...


History, while usually written as a series of large events, is really created by people,

I am watching the BBC Television series, “ Monarchy”, which traces the history of the English monarchy from the end of Roman rule in 410 through a series of invasions, Norse occupations, Danish occupations, and Norman invasions, to the reign of Victoria....


My first professional theater job.

It was Friday afternoon in mid-June, 1962. I had just stepped out of the shower, and was feeling considerably better for having removed a layer of cement dust and sweat when the phone rang. My mother got to it first, but held it out to me, saying, "It’s M...

Thoughts on 11 22 63

We will always wonder what might have been.

It rained that morning in Dealy Plaza But the sun was out by noon. How different things might have been Had that man not died too soon. If only the roof had still been on That car the fateful day, Things might have been so different With a car top in the...

Playing The Wiz

This story contains elements of racial profiling and mildly strong language

I am currently playing Reed Three (flute, clarinet, soprano and tenor saxes) in the pit orchestra for a high school production of the Wiz. It is a very old, very conservative church school, originally founded as a boy’s college preparatory school in 1849....


I move a queen-sized mattress to the second floor,

I moved in the house I am renting on March 1 of this year. My furniture was all in storage, from when I lost my house two years ago, so I bought an air mattress and a sleeping bag to use until I could get my stuff moved in. This weekend being the end of A...