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Costume Stories


Angel from his past.

Bobby attempts to reconnect himself with a former crush.

Darlene had barely walked into the employee entrance door when she was grabbed by the arm by Gina, her friend, and co-worker."Dar, that guy that was asking about you last week is back," she announced excitedly.Darlene continued to head to her locker to ge...

Halloween DJ Stories

A sample of some of the Halloween Parties experiences.

With the Halloween season closing in fast I am reminded of the numerous parties that I was contracted to perform at over the years as a mobile DJ, chief among these were parties held by local singles groups. Remember that on line dating was in its infancy...

Dreidel mine, spin, spin, spin!

An extraterrestrial visitation during the Feast of Purim provides some insight into a local's life.

Dreidel mine, spin, spin, spin! By Marvin Rabinovitch It was Purim eve, and Meyer-Zalman Glayzel was so drunk that, as the proverb had it, he couldn’t tell Mordechai from Haman. Somehow or other, he found himself outside the shtibl where the other male in...