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Sonnet On a Journey

A short love poem rediscovered after fourteen years.

  Be still O rolling waves and hear The happy telling of my love, And you frail craft that homeward steer, Let go the driving winds above! Now all you brethren of the sea, Stay a while and follow me For what I tell is true and wise, It cleaves even stone...

Allauddin...Chapter 3

Captain Mackay shares a drink with the delightful Miss Adeline Blandford.

III. Will you conquer my heart with your beauty, my soul going out from afar? Shall I fall to your hand as a victim of crafty and cautious shikar? - Kipling“Of course we never really have time to get away you know, Colonel Peck and I. He is ever so fright...

Allauddin...Chapter 2

Captain Mackay returns to the house of the enigmatic Mr Allauddin Khan.

II. There was a door to which I found no key: There was a veil past which I could not see: Some little talk awhile of me and thee There seemed and then no more of thee and me.  - Omar KhayyamTwo days later Mackay wound his way slowly through the same narr...


Inspired by the art of Lucinda Lyons.

Fair Rose of all seasons; Long enamored of you, The sun searches the daytime Then searches anew, Vainly hoping to snare you In his gossamer light. The stars in their towers All relish the sight Of your dark eyes gleaming And the glint of your smile. Forsa...

. Motionlessly, the spider waited. As always, she was patient and vigilant, but her outward serenity belied an inner tension, the instinctive tension of the watcher, the hunter. If her mind could have conceived of time in human terms, it may have told her...

Her Portrait

Inspired by the work of Lucinda Lyons with a nod to Swinburne.

In a chamber suffused with emotion By the light of innumerable dawns, In a house betwixt forests and ocean, Where the briar rose bristles with thorns; There hangs her portrait in splendour, In mystic silence, forsaken, unknown, In lines both violent and t...

Over the years I have paid homage to Japan in many of my poems but the following piece from 1995, seems particularly significant to me now in light of recent tragic events. It is based on an old Japanese folk tale about the Rashomon Gate in Kyoto. The cit...

Five Waka

Five short poems in the Japanese waka form.

I O unceasing rain! You fill me with foreboding, As I lie awake All through the haunted hours That precede the golden dawn.II On the warm beach sand A spider’s trail meanders, A lone hunter’s path, Obscured by the summer breeze, Lost amidst the sighing du...

Notes from My Journal

Four short poems written while travelling in Greece in 1996.

I Morose and unkind, Unfeeling, unheeding, blind; The winds laugh and moan, Unknowing, unknown.II Hundreds of seashells, Some gathered from distant shores, Each one a treasure, A memento of the time I spent arm in arm with you.III A brown butterfly Rests...