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LauraDanielle 5 years ago

Kids say and do the darndest things!

A few snippets from my job in early childhood.

I work in childcare, a job I love and enjoy very much. No two days are the same and the children definitely keep me on my toes, but I would not change it for the world. I love my job. As you probably guessed from the title, this is just a little piece abo...

The sky sat in judgment on a cold spring morning. All the people could be seen staring out of their empty shells, shells that housed warm souls and harbored dark thoughts, translucent in the light of day but opaque at night. If there is one thing I have...

palela 7 years ago

But I'm Not

Short piece. I saw him during class and the words just flowed.

If I was still your friend, I would be so proud of you right this second. If I was still your friend, you would not quite understand why, but accept it quietly, like you did everything else about me. If I was still your friend, I would gre...

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Not a head does not turn towards the destruction, drawn by the brutal symphony of sound, held rapt by the morbid visual. Everyone sees some part of the meticulously planned yet seemingly barbaric disassembly, almost walking into one another as they crane...

palela 7 years ago

But Really, I Adore You

He and I stopped being friends, and I needed to vent. Title taken from the song Starring Role.

I ignore you so painfully obviously that it's almost like I'm screaming out how much attention I'm actually paying you. Every turn I make, every single step I take is carefully calculated to be in the opposite direction you're going....

DeadHeadJim420 7 years ago

Big Bubba

A short story i had written for an advanced creative writing class, about friends, trouble and weed.

Big BubbaBy James GersbeckIt finally reached about noon when I had enough of the day’s boredom, and decided to call Phil up. My house was desolate anyway and I needed to either get out or do something that called me away from po...

palela 7 years ago

Pity the Living, Indeed

Just a tiny piece I wrote when I realised something at a funeral

The thing about funerals is that it's not only the poor bastard on the casket who looks dead. As you reach out to grab the crying son's shoulder or the wailing husband's hand, you see the hollows in their cheeks and their ashen faces and feel skin...

ChrisC 7 years ago

VirtualDate 2.0

Coming soon to a Virtual Date near you, persistent encounters and improved AI.

VirtuaDyne made half a billion on their Virtual Dating platform inits first six months on the market, in turn, the arcades, like Jason’s, that purchased the machines, made a lot of money renting access by the half hour. Interest, and in turn, b...