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Talking bear Stories

talking bear

Hot Stuff!

In which Bear gets an eyeful…and Girl gives him one!

When Girl awoke the second time, she stretched, then quickly got up. “Are you okay, kid?” Bear asked. Girl stopped, looked at him, and said, “Yes, but I really need to pee!” and hustled out of the store room. Bear gave his deep, rumbling laugh, then got u...

Girl’s Story

In which we learn about Girl's life before Bear.

Girl watched Bear disappear into the woods and felt terrible about hurting him. Clearly, she had touched a deep nerve. She waited for him to return, even sitting on the edge of the rocking chair for a time. Finally, she sighed and went back into the cabin...


In which Girl grows closer to Bear – and begins to learn something of his past.

Girl was rudely awakened by a massive BLAM and an incredibly bright flash of light. She jerked upright, hand to her mouth, quivering and afraid. She was confused as to where she was, having been ripped from a sound sleep. Her head whipped around, quarteri...

The Fall

Girl is forced to confront her past.

Bear and Girl had hiked up the ravine as Bear wanted to show her the waterfall. The spray from the falls made the glade seem foggy, with clouds of mist rolling through all the time. It made the air cool and the glade refreshing, plus there was a rainbow....

The Story of Days

The Bear and Girl find joy in small, lovely things, as well as in their growing friendship.

The days passed in lazy friendship, while Girl’s bruises and aches slowly started to heal. Finally came the day when she was tired of behaving sensibly, and hanging around the cabin all the time. No matter how entertaining – or infuriating, or amusing – t...

The Bearable Lightness of Being

Bear and Girl start to get to know each other, with some surprises along the way.

When Bear returned from getting his lunch and marking the boundaries of his territory, Girl was again asleep in the rocking chair. One hand was trailing down the side, her head lolled against a shoulder, and she was drooling slightly. He stopped to look a...

The Bear and the Girl

What happens when a injured woman meets a talking polar bear?

The Bear yawned and stretched, then walked out into the sunlight. He thought it was about time to patrol his territory, marking it out, and making sure other carnivores weren’t taking liberties. That Mama brown bear seemed particularly to like trying to n...