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Mother nature Stories

mother nature

Girl, Not Frog

In which Bear and Girl rediscover how important they are to each other

It was mid-morning, and Bear was seated on the porch, watching the mountains grow – or not grow, as the case might be. Girl was seated in her rocking chair, reading, her knees up under her chin. After a while, she put her book down and said, “Bear?” Bear’...

Mother’s Nature

In which Girl is told something unexpected about Mother Nature

The next morning, the two friends were quiet with each other. After saying good morning, and after both had foraged for breakfast, each in their own way, they retired to the porch, Girl to her rocker, Bear to his favourite spot at the end of the porch, lo...

Just Another Day

To all the people affected by hurricane sandy.

Cacophony of screams pour out of newspapers Images of despair tumble on to my heart from TV Mother Nature rage at its worst Devastation in its wake.Winds howling with gleeful fury Darkness a reality, reminding us of it chasing us at every minute Rain drow...