From Darkness to Light

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains…

She sits alonefeeling cold lost and empty no one looking for her No family no friends Just darkness surrounds Sounds of distant traffic Wondering should she just pick up the knife And end her pain Tears slide down her cheek She’s running out…

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Make the most of very moment...…

I was flicking through sites on my phone while enjoying my morning coffee when I read an advertisement for a writing competition. To be eligible you were required to write a story of between one and five thousand words about a situation where you sur…

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Anchor Your Life

Strong foundation’s are essential…

Anchor your life? We have all had difficult situations to deal with in our lives. Our family and home are supposed to be the place we feel safest. But what if that’s the place that makes us feel uneasy and questions who we are.  Where do we learn and…

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A Friendship Treat!

What is your special delight?…

Cassie Cat and Sally Mouse have been friends for a long time; however, it hasn't been the smoothest of journeys. However, they have always come out the other side stronger and happier when they were together. Cassie decided for world friendship day s…

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A Christmas Wish

What is yours....…

A friend asked me todayWhat did I want for Christmas?“Nothing but our continued friendshipAnd joy for all mankind!” But tonight, back at homeAfter having a chance to thinkI still want what I saidBut I don’t wish for that alone. Tonight, I wish for la…

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More than words

Taking my time cause only fools rush in...…

We have been friends for yearsMeeting for the first time at my workplaceWhere you soon became a regular We started talking day by dayOur friendship grewAnd so did my feelings for you. Now we talk regularlyYou know all about me and my lifeAnd are even…

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The Hardest Decision

I hope you will understand…

To me you are wonderfulSo kind and caringWho would do anything to help a friendI think of you as my rock and confidantWhich is why this is so very hardAnd hurts so muchIts been brought to my attentionThat I am holding you backRestricting your freedom…

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A few thoughts about relationships.…

Each moment we spend togetherAlways means so muchReality showing that shared timeLoving affection and heartfelt communicationAre a most precious gift. But what about when things fall apartWhen actions don’t match wordsAnd long silences grow obviousTh…

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This Moment

Her faith is all she has left...…

The tears stream down her face as she remembers the detailed news The doctor gave to her She lays on the bedCurled up tightly into a ball Her knees hugged to her chest. As she begins dealing with her nightmare The memories of her past flash before he…

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Love you through it

He is her weakness and greatest strength…

Looking at the blank page in front of herShe realizes that she could fill it a million times overWith all her thoughts and emotionsCurrently running through her veins.But what is it that she feels she really needs to sayIs it thank you for the all th…

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For her..

A life changing moment……

For her..Its already been one hell of a yearFilled with lost friendships and financesBroken promisesAnd a family that just don’t care.For her…She sits alone by the phoneWaiting for an important callIt will forever change her lifeAs it holds the key t…

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Caring hearts

A reason to carry on..…

She stands on the edge of a virtual cliffinching closer with each new dayThinking life is just getting too difficultand no one would miss her anyway. Taking another step closerfeeling the pain closing innot just her ownbut those she holds most dear t…

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Precious moments shared …..…

Although we haven’t known each other longI enjoy curling up in your lapListening to you shareStories memories from your past. Each moment sharedLearning something newThat reveal precious detailsAbout the inner workings of your heart. The softly spoke…

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One in a Million

She realizes dreams can come true ……

 She is a big beautiful woman about five foot six with shoulder length rusty red hair and hazel eyes. In her opinion, she was nothing special (although others told her often she was). She made the effort to help anyone she met without expecting anyth…

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Cherish every moment

Friendship is a precious gift..…

Friendship is not just about good timesIt is about walking in and sitting downAs others walk out.It doesn’t focus on past choices or mistakesAs they shall never over shadowthe good memories we continue to share.It’s about being theresupporting one an…

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What is this World coming to?

Does anyone know.…

I am at a loss now and I don't understand what this world is coming to. Since when is it possible to put a dollar amount on a person’s life? My heart is breaking for the families who lost loves ones in the recent tragedies and the people that witnes…

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A Fathers Battle

Only wants his boys happy and safe…

Over the past 14 years my friend has fought firstly to see his two boys (who at the start were 5 and 2.) Now he fights to keep the youngest attending a well-regarded Private school that he solely pays for. While the boys’ mother and stepfather have r…

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A Loyal Companion

Which way do I turn?  When everything I see reminds me of you you where such a big part of my life  now you have to go away It is so not fair  Because it wasn’t your fault  You were only doing  What came naturally. I am sorry I could not help I reall…

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What are we now?

Please let me now...…

We have been through many things together It now feels like we are strangers You still mean a lot to me However, I do not know where I stand. I hear you say a mixture of things Like you want and value my friendship However in the next moment You …

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Missed opportunity

Has she lost her everything....…

She arrives home logs into her computer slowly her smile turns into a frown.Her love has been trying to get her leaving so many messages as she keeps reading. She feels her eyes well with tears as the messages, get sadder, she feels his breaking hear…

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