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From Darkness to Light

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains

She sits alone feeling cold lost and empty no one looking for her No family no friends Just darkness surrounds Sounds of distant traffic Wondering should she just pick up the knife And end her pain Tears slide down her cheek She’s running out of time The...

My temple

A pantheist's place of worship

High up among the mountain peaks, 'Midst towering trees and flowing creeks; There I will find a holy space, That’s filled with beauty, love, and Grace. In this temple I shall bow and pray, And worship to the Cosmos pay.    

I prayed to the heavens and God above and asked Him to send me someone to love; I prayed for someone with love to share; a man not afraid to honestly care;I prayed for someone to love faithfully,for our time on earth and infinitely;I placed my dreams with...

Last night was so dark I opened and closed my eyes And there was no difference And within my soul I was a follower Of Allah and the prophet Mohamad Convinced within my mind that I had to find Mecca A burden of prayer To escape the darkness But which way t...

Has Anybody seen Him today?

Has anybody seen God?

God, are you there God? Things aren’t going well, I’m having a bad spell. The car is getting old, truth be told, it’s as old as you. It was slow to start this morning, then stalled without a warning, It has a light, that should have said, but it was dead....

God Can Hear Your Teardrops Fall

God is so close to us, that He can hear our teardrops fall.

God Can Hear Your Teardrops Fall It was one of my times in life, When nothing seemed to be going right. My heart was filled with heartache and strife. I had spent some days in a cloud of despair, Wondering why life seemed so unfair. I stared into the empt...

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