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4 years ago

Caring hearts

A reason to carry on..

She stands on the edge of a virtual cliffinching closer with each new dayThinking life is just getting too difficultand no one would miss her anyway. Taking another step closerfeeling the pain closing innot just her ownbut those she holds most dear to her...

Anonymous 4 years ago

An Alphas Mate

An alpha and his mate walking tail in tail under the moon.

Sitting by your side.Looking at the moon,Feeling its lights warm embrace. Knowing I have found my mate,Feeling her heart beating,Wild with passion. Hearing her heart beating with mine,Feeling her touch,Even if through fur. Biting down on her neckHer bitin...

4 years ago

The Nurses. Chapter 41

She took up her friend's wrist and searched for a pulse. Oh my Lord, she couldn't find it!

H.M.S. Lakhota, March 23rd, 1941. Long into the night, Maria sat beside Katarina, talking to her, checking her pulse and temperature, bathing her forehead with a cool damp cloth and generally praying and encouraging her to pull through.Occasionally she wo...

7 years ago

Gidealis Enigma Chapter 53

Salix does the unexpected out of compassion, and not anger. Would you?

Chapter 53 Friendship in Despair “Well, you’re correct. He is slow, because he is in the process of intercepting Leot’s communication with Almaz. I believe it’s his real reason for going there. But the official reason for the attack is tellurium. Our citi...

7 years ago


Love, caring, unselfishness

It is vaster than the open plainsIt is higher than the mountain peaksIt is deeper than the oceansIt is warmer than the sun.It is stronger than a mighty bullIt is softer than a kittenIt is tender as a child's embraceIt gives on quarterIt lifts you when you...

8 years ago

A Letter from Raymond

A couple delivers a lost love letter to the woman who never received it in 1949.

I turned to watch Alexis coming down the stairs. After twenty years she still took my breath away. “Why the stare?” Alex asked.“Because you’re more beautiful at forty-five than you were at twenty-five,” I answered. Alex walked up and kissed me.“Keep that...

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