Friday The 13th

Yesterday was Thursday the 12th…

Friday the 13th?! Other than a series of semi-scary movies (one through five actually terrified me once upon a time) today is just another day. Right? I don’t understand all the hokey “bad luck day” nonsense. I’d ask Google if my internet worked. It …

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I Ain't Broke

Here we go again…

 Okay, fine! I will admit it then. Here goes. I am an addict. Are you happy now? No? Well, what else do you want from me? (Heavy sighs, eye rolls, stomping my feet) My story? Why? You think you can fix me, don'tcha? Well guess what? I'm not fucking b…

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Adios Irma

And stay out!!…

This, hopefully, will be my last rant about Irma Tuesday 9.12.17 4:20 pm ESTIrma has finished her dance with the sunshine state. She hovered over Naples for hours pummeling them with rain and devastating winds. She even left a storm surge of about 3 …

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Waiting for Irma~Still

I can't stop typing…

***These are random thoughts I have while waiting for Hurricane Irma. At the time of these writings Irma's projected path shows her coming straight for me! I don't know what to do while I wait so I just keep writing***Saturday 9.9.17 10:30 pm ESTTom …

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Waiting for Irma

Nothing else to do…

I'm sitting here in Southwest Florida, mere feet from the Gulf of Mexico. I live here. I've lived here for 30 years and have never been this scared.There is a storm coming. A huge storm. Hurricane Irma. She is 400 miles of catastrophic wind and will …

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I just don't know

Shrug shrug…

How did those maple leaves get in your bathtub?Meh.  I don’t know.Shrug shrug. What would you like to have for dinner?Meh. I dunno.Shrug shrug. Did you enjoy the movie last night?Meh. Sheesh.Eye roll.I thought the movie was rather boring and am think…

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Next Stop

Beat poem…

It's crazy what you can find inside your mind sometimes. Scary, at the very least, and yet it comes in rhymes. Sometimes. I stepped up to someone I thought I knew, but it wasn't you. You knew it too. Didn't you? I fell into a colorful dream of dark a…

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It's not so bad…

It all seems silly nowWhere I once stood firmIt's not a place at allIt took this long to learnPerhaps with jaded perceptionI created an alternate stateA place that withstood timeAnd so I was never lateDoesn't that sound great?But something happenedI …

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The plan has always beenThat this is not part of the planStill, we stand where we standAnd I will forever hold your handBut this is not part of the planIt’s so hard to describeSo no one understandsThis cannot be plannedThis feel withstandsThrough thr…

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Level With Me

Anyone want to give their two cents?…

Sometimes I guess I am selfish, denying what is true. Or could be true. So many things have no definitive answers that I go crazy. But not technically crazy. I have been tested after all. So many tests. No actual answer. I'm fine. "You're fine." I ge…

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Constantly in motion…

Decades passedNothing lastsEverything changesVarying stagesAbsolute lifeChaotic strifeDo some things never change?Chasing demonsCollecting leminsLovings lostSoulless accostEnduring supportEndless retortDoes anything stay the same? Staggering endsPass…

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Lost In Love

Just nod if you can hear me…

Why did you come hereWhat is it that you fearWhy do you vanishAnd then suddenly reappear Why did you pick meDid you think I'd not seeThe weakness in youOr this living hypocrisy Perhaps you saw it in meItching and begging to be freeWelcomed with open…

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Frozen Tundra

Am I dreaming?…

The snow was frozen, sparkling in the moonlight.What have I done? How did I lose sight? Did I walk away from the fight that night when you told me not to run? When will our time come? After I begged you to take flight.Broken promisesInside I screamWa…

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Sending Off

What's the score?…

Is it fateHow we relateWhen things are greatWe celebrateWe shift and spinHonoring our winIgnoring our sinsThe darkness withinThere is no painFor me to explainNo way to complainWhen we've gone insaneGoing day by dayIs there any other wayShould I simpl…

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Let It Be…

Am I lostWithin the explanationOutside our destinationHave I foundA common inspirationDevoid of complicationCould it beJust my imaginationOf mutual admirationWhere to nextWithout hesitationMaintained by predicationNow I seeAmong the sublimationMy own…

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Stuck In Un


I often feel so un UnwantedUnableUndoneUnhappy It's a slippery slope UnlovedUnmotivatedUndressedUncertain The darkness is endless UntrueUnidentifiedUnbearable Uneven Sometimes I get lost in the "un" of it all…

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The Cubs Are Going To Kill Me

I hate loving them…

The Cubs are going to kill me. First game of the 2016 WORLD SERIES and....did they not show up? This rant may take a minute and veer off road. Just a heads up. I grew up in a state that's real big on football and basketball. Baseball? No. But Chicago…

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Awarding Reward

I am in shock…

My daughter is in 2nd grade. Last week I received a note in a sealed envelope from her teacher. Extremely confidential. It read something like..."Your child has achieved a major accomplishment in which an award will be received at Tuesday's award cer…

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Wasted Space

The truth doesn't always set you free…

Have you ever lost your mind? Lost track of time or forgotten your name? Have you ever looked in the mirror in shame? Have you ever folded and still won the game? Does anything look the same?Have you ever made promises you are happy to have kept, eve…

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Nothing much…

I am so tiredOf tryingOf cryingOf tryingI can't anymoreNo fightingNo rightingNo fightingWhy the struggleI give upCan't do itI give up…

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