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AnnaMayZing 5 years ago


Soaked and exhausted she sees a light...

The wind howled mercilessly as it forced the cold rain under her hood and soaked her to her skin. Through the trees she saw a light and found the refuge she needed. “Come in, come in. You poor soul.” The old woman sat her b...

There's nothing I wanted more than to get out. It was cold; Dark; Wet. I hadn't seen daylight in so long, my eyes had simply accepted the blackness and had turned my brain over to my other senses. The sound of dripping and creaking was my whole life. The...

Pirate 6 years ago

18 Lines Of The Common Cold

A funny rhyme on the common cold

A stomachache, runny nose and a pounding head. A sneeze and a wheeze, I wished I were dead. My forehead felt so red and so hot. They say it's a bug, that's what I have got. To bed I did go, with covers pulled up. Mo...

EvaJupiterSkies 7 years ago

Delicate and Bitter

Be warned of the quiet of winter my child, for it enraptures the soul like none other.

If you were quiet enough, you might hear the heartbeat of each flake as it hits its sea of brethren. You could be so light of foot that you might sense the shiver of the snow itself, nestling into the crevasses and nooks of every tree and root. So...

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Ah the random inspiration I get...

She shakes, blade to her wrist, tears in her eyes, heart on the floor, stomped on like a doormat, flattened and frail, hidden from view, so as not to be hurt. The blood drip...

CKAcres 8 years ago

Snowy Morning

Thoughts as I shovel snow from my walks.

A fresh dusting of snow as I awake this morning.I hate winter, really I do, let this be your warning. Seeing the ground covered with white purity.Me now full, filled, brimming with security. Knowing that nature is cleansing the ear...

Isadora 8 years ago

A Snowy White Christmas

Thoughts outside the gift box

Have you ever seen a "Snowy White Christmas”? I did one time and I did not like it at all. It was so very cold, my nose and ears almost froze! I honestly do not care, about the Christmas season. No one seems t...