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The plan has always beenThat this is not part of the planStill, we stand where we standAnd I will forever hold your handBut this is not part of the planIt’s so hard to describeSo no one understandsThis cannot be plannedThis feel withstandsThrough threats...

Frozen Tundra

Am I dreaming?

The snow was frozen, sparkling in the moonlight.What have I done? How did I lose sight? Did I walk away from the fight that night when you told me not to run? When will our time come? After I begged you to take flight.Broken promisesInside I screamWake me...

Sending Off

What's the score?

Is it fateHow we relateWhen things are greatWe celebrateWe shift and spinHonoring our winIgnoring our sinsThe darkness withinThere is no painFor me to explainNo way to complainWhen we've gone insaneGoing day by dayIs there any other wayShould I simply sta...

Hello Jello

I can't stop this craving

Cold and firmTranslucently greenA bit coagulatedMy Jello dreamThe one where ISay hello to my jelloAnd it echoes"Hello, hello."I wonder what Else is stuck in thereA floating cherryIs that a hair?Ewwwwww grossNow I feel sickI don't want my jelloI'll pass it...