Fuel Season 3: Episode 29 – The Rivalry Diaries

As Touch Mkhize and Solo Magubane's rivalry heats up, one F-X reporter looks to follow the intensity...…

17th of May – Season 3Dear Diary,For the past three years, people have told me that when I signed up to become an F-X reporter that I was flushing an otherwise promising career down the toilet. And who could blame them? Unlike my fellow resident…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 28 – Anger In Absentia

Journey back as we find out what has been going on with the missing F-X racers.…

9th of May – Season 3Temper hated this part. But he knew that it was necessary as he stood up in front of the anonymous group of people and prepared to speak. “My name is Themba Kunene and I am angry…”The session had gone on how it usually did w…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 27 – Requiem

After mocking her app, the 'Daughter of Divinity' looks to rid herself of the Koeks at great risk.…

2nd of May – Season 3Devì was pissed. She was losing money and she knew why. It was the Koeks. They’d spread the rumors that the app didn’t work. That was the reason that she was currently sitting in her lawyer’s office, awaiting a response to her qu…

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Speedom Day – A Fuel Story

While the F-X fandom enjoys the splendor of the long weekend, a small rebellion begins to makes its moves to end Moodswing's tyranny...…

30th of April – Season 3“If you’re standing here tonight, then you’re part of the rebellion.” Angela’s words were filled with passion as she spoke to the small group of people in front of her. “If you’re standing here tonight, then you want what I wa…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 26 – The Spell of Doom

After finally graduating from being an apprentice, Fiona learns that magic might be more real than she ever thought.…

25th of April – Season 3MONDAY MORNING“What do you mean I have to go to Fuel tonight? I don’t even have a race. And don’t tell me that it’s to show my support for my fellow racers because I know that you don’t care.”“You’re right. I don’t care about …

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 25 – Revolution of the Dynasty

Pretty Penny Potgieter Returns to Fuel in an attempt to make Plain Jane eat her words from last week…

11th of April – Season 3Penny felt a little uncomfortable with the cloth tied around her head. For one thing, it made it appear as though she was blind when that wasn’t the case at all. In fact, she could see right through the material. But she wore …

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Festival Of The Fall [S3] – A Fuel Story

The highway to the Grand Prix begins here as the pretenders fall off and stars are born…

26th of March – Season 3Glenwood Jacobs could feel the tension in the air as he pulled into the Engels Korta Town Square. While the people packed into the circled square were jovial as ever, Glen was all serious. This would be the first time in …

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 24 – Plain And Simple

The Flamboyant Phenomenon attempts to break out by targeting the absent Penny and the F-X Queen.…

21st of March – Season 3Plain Jane was watching a video interview on the Formulary, paying special attention to the speaker's intention and how much traffic the video was garnering on the social network rather than what he was saying."…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 23 – Koek vs. Koek (Part II)

Queen Stevie employs some mind games that result in Doris and Teresa facing off.…

14th of March – Season 3MONDAY MORNING: JVZ RESIDENCETeresa was angry. She was currently reading all the comments from the fandom on their "Super Couples" race from last week and they all thought it a good idea for her and Juan to break up.&nbsp…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 22 – Koek vs. Koek (Part I)

While the Millionaire Affair continues to make waves, 2 other popular couples compete for attention…

7th of March –  Season 3"I can't believe Moodswing would do this," said Brenda, pacing up and down the sitting room.Doris rolled her eyes. "Are you still going on about this? Brenda, it's just a race."Brenda stopped pacing so she could…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 21 – The Avatar vs. The Sandstorm

In the latest episode of Monday Night Fuel, 2 of the best female F-X racers face off in main event.…

28th of February – Season 3 DEVì Devì was not new to giving to charity. She knew the game: it was a publicity stunt. Giving to charity had nothing to do with the needy. It was about the person giving money or food making themselves fee…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 20 – All Eyes on Me

Tonight, Solo finds himself in the crosshairs of an old rival after trying to do the right thing...…

21st of February – Season 3Solomon Magubane wasn’t known for being impatient but today seemed to be testing the theory as he’d been waiting at the petrol pump for what felt like ages. He was currently at the Sasol fuel station, showing some solidarit…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 19 – The Millionaire Affair

After the shocking events of Love 'n War, Savana and Thawn begin to make massive waves.…

14th of February – Season 3As Savana sat at the back of the black BMW 320d, she wondered if she wasn't overdressed. She managed a smile thinking about the irony compared to what she was thinking on her first night on Fuel.Savana looked over at t…

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Love 'n War – A Fuel Story

Love is in the air as well as hate. Whose heart will be broken this time around?…

13th of February – Season 3TWO WEEKS AGOA cup of coffee. That's all it was supposed to be. That had been the idea when Savana sat down at the booth of Kieck's Kitchen. But then he walked in. Savana had been surprised considering that b…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 18 – The Face of the Dynasty

After the tragic accident at The Scramble, Penny tries to come to terms with her injuries.…

7th of February – Season 3Penny Potgieter stared at the mirror with tears welling in her eyes. The doctors had only recently taken her bandages off, having told her, thankfully, that she would not be losing her eyesight. Of course, she'd figured…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 17 – The Kingmaker

With a cold war brewing between the 2 showrunners, Moodswing looks to put Glen in his place.…

31st of January – Season 3Terrance Moodley had woken up early, having taken a shower and had breakfast before his wife had woken up. He'd just finished brushing his teeth when Angela walked into the bathroom. "Hey, you're up early.""Winners…

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The Scramble [S3] – A Fuel Story

Queen Stevie faces her biggest challenge yet as the F-X racers look to win the Scramble Race.…

28th of January– Season 3When Leonardo Mustafa arrived at the Fuel Speedway, he'd made a point to wear a disguise. He'd heard the stories of what happened when Bru Constantin had arrived here a year ago and Tendai Mathemba a year before him. Leo was …

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 16 – The Ambassador

When Mandla is given a secret mission by Moodswing, he recruits Devì to get the job done...…

24th of January – Season 3MONDAY MORNINGMandla Xulu felt strange sitting in the lobby outside Moodswing’s office. Even though the Club President was nothing like the Deputy Mayor, Mandla felt exactly how he usually felt sitting outside his father's o…

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Fuel Season 3: Episode 15 – The Spell of Luck

With the Scramble Qualifiers taking place next week, Blackcat and Fiona play the odds.…

17th of January –Season 3 EARLY MONDAY MORNINGBlackcat Mathunzi had never been much of a teacher, but unfortunately for him, practicing this ancient form of African Occultism came with a price. It was a disclaimer of sorts: Everything you have l…

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Year End Bash [S3] – A Fuel Story

While Queen Stevie deals with her own personal 'Die Hard' situation, 6 racers vie for the F-X Cup.…

12th of December – Season 3 Toney had never liked the rain so when she saw that it had seized up last night, she was very happy. She would have hated for the pay-per-view to be postponed. But alas, the show would go on.  But if the show wou…

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