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Speedom Day – A Fuel Story

While the F-X fandom enjoys the splendor of the long weekend, a small rebellion begins to makes its moves to end Moodswing's tyranny...

30th of April – Season 3 “If you’re standing here tonight, then you’re part of the rebellion.” Angela’s words were filled with passion as she spoke to the small group of people in front of her. “If you’re standing here tonight, then you want what I want,...

The girl on the train

He got more than a kiss on the train to Berlin.

1904I can't see with this blindfold.It wasn't me.It must have been the girl!She did this.I met her on the train from Paris to Berlin.We talked.She smiled.She kissed me.She must have put it in my camera bag!“I'll see you in Berlin.”She left the compartment...

The Mission

Corporate espionage - with a twist

I stopped at the entrance counter, looking around and noting the guards and security cameras — just as I expected and knew would be here. The guard behind the counter looked up from his desk. “Yes? Can I help you, sir?” Reaching into my jacket, I flashed...