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Sisterhood Stories


Fuel Season 3: Episode 27 – Requiem

After mocking her app, the 'Daughter of Divinity' looks to rid herself of the Koeks at great risk.

2nd of May – Season 3 Devì was pissed. She was losing money and she knew why. It was the Koeks. They’d spread the rumors that the app didn’t work. That was the reason that she was currently sitting in her lawyer’s office, awaiting a response to her questi...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 22 – Koek vs. Koek (Part I)

While the Millionaire Affair continues to make waves, 2 other popular couples compete for attention

7th of March – Season 3 "I can't believe Moodswing would do this," said Brenda, pacing up and down the sitting room. Doris rolled her eyes. "Are you still going on about this? Brenda, it's just a race." Brenda stopped pacing so she could look at her young...

Hymne a la Libertè.

Shall we sing once more.

Shall we sing out once moreOur hymn of freedom Our song of liberation,Our ode to the people's progressionTo heights of truth and justice at last. Shall we gather once moreIn the bars of raucous stimulation,In the pubs of public contemplation,In the saloon...

Her beauty represents us wellHer intellect does us proudSoft as a feather; yet strong as steelShe lives her life out loudHer bright future is our bright futureHer failures aren’t hers aloneWhen she feels pain we feel the sameAfter all she's one of our own...