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good and evil

Festival Of The Fall [S3] – A Fuel Story

The highway to the Grand Prix begins here as the pretenders fall off and stars are born

26th of March – Season 3 Glenwood Jacobs could feel the tension in the air as he pulled into the Engels Korta Town Square. While the people packed into the circled square were jovial as ever, Glen was all serious. This would be the first time in over a mo...

“Where else should I be, my hero? I have power too, and it's my world that's in danger here, not yours. You have no right to say I must leave. I will do what I can the same as you and the King. Now put your arms around me, I'm chilled.” They stood there w...

A Fairy Tale

Humans in Underhill

I plan this to be the first chapter of an ongoing saga if it's liked Art looked up through the drizzle and inspected the sky, then turned to his companion and said, “We better get off the water, Tom. It doesn't look good — it's getting real black over the...