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soap opera
Beesting 3 days ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 3 – All That Sparkles

Stevie takes one final step towards achieving her goal of sitting on the Formula-X throne

20th of September – Season 3 As Darcy Stevens looked over the edge of the pier, looking out at the ocean watching the sun set, she thought about the night ahead and how nervous she was. She only had one shot at doing this right and it was all riding...

Beesting 2 weeks ago

Fuel Season 3: Episode 1 – All Hail the Queen

After winning the Formula-X Crown at the Formula-X Grand Prix, the New Queen makes her Fuel debut

6th of September – Season 3 Devì had never really been shy about being in front of the camera. In fact, the word shy wasn’t part of her vocabulary which was why she was currently dressed in tight leather pants and matching cropped leather jacket ov...

Beesting 6 months ago

The Second Formula-X Grand Prix – A Fuel Story

The biggest night in Formula-X where the stars are shining bright and eternal glory is in the air!

30th of May – Season 2 When Angela Moodley had seen the sheer amount of people when she arrived, she was shocked. The streets were packed with people arriving for the event. While she'd seen crowds before at previous pay-per-views and even at the Fue...

Beesting 1 year ago

Sunday Night Easter [S2] – A Fuel Story

In the last stop to the biggest event on the F-X Calendar, the racers look for one last major win

24th of April –Season 2 As Toney Kunene – one of Formula-X's four resident reporters – sat in her car awaiting the pay-per-view racing event to start, she contemplated the night ahead and the work cut out for her, and for once, she was kind of glad t...

Beesting 1 year ago

Festival of the Fall [S2] – A Fuel Story

It looks like it's a time for harvest and the F-X racers are here to reap anything they can sow.

21st of March – Season 2 Ruben Rothschild was a typical seventeen-year-old boy: fascinated by pretty girls, liked action movies and absolutely loved fast cars. That’s why he was so happy to have a Dad who was a reporter in the F-X Series. It’s too ba...

Beesting 1 year ago

Heart-Break City – A Fuel Story

It's Valentines Day and while love is in the air, heart break is in the water. Who will drink it...?

12th of February – Season 2 By the time the sun started to rise and throw light through the curtains, Lorrain January had been up for hours already. She hadn’t been able to sleep a wink and she knew why. It was the guilt. It didn’t help at all that s...

Beesting 1 year ago

The Scramble [S2] – A Fuel Story

It's the one night a year when all the racers take to the track at once in the eponymous race...

25th of January – Season 2 When Bru Constantin got off his motorcycle and took off his helmet, he was surprised to find people staring. While he was surprised considering what Tendai Mathemba had told him had happened (or rather what hadn't happened)...

Beesting 1 year ago

Year End Bash [S2] – A Fuel Story

As the end of the year approaches, the F-X racers look to finish off at the top...

13th of December – Season 2  Growing up with a legendary racing father, Beatrix Honeycomb had learnt how to tell the difference between having skill and having talent. In fact, it was this ability that made her realize that no matter how much she kne...

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Beesting 1 year ago

Show-Down in Durban - A Fuel Story

For the first time ever, the F-X racers take the action to mainland, South Africa. Durban get ready!

29th of November - Season 2 Captain Khumalo never really understood why they insisted on calling the monthly racing events "pay-per-views". To him, events of this calibre were called grands prix and nothing else, but he'd gone along with it. Currentl...

Beesting 1 week ago

Fuel Season 2: Episode 14 – Never Say Die

With their rivalry over, both Mandla and King Kloof must deal with the consequences of the rebellion

14th of December – Season 2 MANDLA What have I done? That was the thought going through Mandla Xulu's mind as he made his way through the parking lot of the Fuel Speedway which was littered with trash. It was the work of the protesters, that muc...

Beesting 1 year ago

Hallow's Eve [S2] – A Fuel Story

Amandla's Rebellion continues as the scariest time of the year approaches the Formula-X series

25th of October –  Season 2 Belinda Baartjies woke up with a start. She'd just had a nightmare. For a second she didn't recognise where she was until she looked next to her in the bed and realized where she was and instantly rolled her eyes, resistin...

Beesting 1 year ago

Arbour Games [S2] – A Fuel Story

As the fandom enjoy the return of PPV, we take a glimpse into the private life of the Club President

27th of September – Season 2 When Angela Moodley matriculated, she never dreamed in a million years that she would be involved in something like this. After all, back then she'd simply been Angela Mabaso: the typical "it" girl who was far more intere...

Beesting 1 week ago

Fuel Season 2: Episode 10 – Running the Gauntlet

As Glen attempts to quell the tension amongst the racers, Solo learns of a challenging new race...

9th of November – Season 2 When Solo Magubane arrived at the Fuel Speedway it was chaos – albeit, an organized chaos. It started outside with the very loud and vocal protesters singing their praise songs and continued right into the paddock with mult...

Beesting 1 year ago

Sunday Night Easter - A Fuel Story

In the last stop to the biggest event on the F-X Calendar, the racers look for one last major win

26th of April – Season 1 When Moodswing had explained that they would be reusing one of the previous pay-per-view tracks from earlier in the season, Glen wasn't sure. But at the end of the day, Glenwood Jacobs was the Vice President of the F-X Racing...

Beesting 1 year ago

Festival of the Fall - A Fuel Story

The road to the Biggest Finale in Sport Entertainment starts with the biggest festival of Autumn.

22nd of March - Season 1 Lord, I love my job. That was the thought that ran through Toney Kunene's mind as she switched off her car and marvelled at the sight in front of her. She had just arrived at Engels Korta and was blown away by what she was lo...