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Gaze fixed on her phone, Jaz read the email again without taking in a word. She squeezed Tish’s hand, her grip tightening when raucous laughter exploded from the four men sprawled on the seats diagonally opposite. “I mean, look at ’im. Fuckin’ poof.”...

Anonymous 2 years ago

No Glory

In honour of my Great Grandfather

No glory, only pride You played your part in a theatre where so many died On foreign soil, a strange language Memories of the old country in your heart Again and again you took to the air I can barely imagine your bravery The noise, the engines, guns...

Anonymous 2 years ago

In an earlier life, a woman once remarked to me that it was good to meet a man who was proud enough of his name to write it so others could read it. I don’t know if she was flirting or not but, as you can see, I remember her telling me this. Last Fri...

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bella685 4 years ago

Fading Ink - A Mother's Memoir

Though the ink has faded with time, the memory will always remain sharp and clear.

It was Halloween weekend, just a little over two months before Katy passed away and we were spending it in one of Katy's favorite places. Asheville, North Carolina, about 100 miles from our home. My mother was in town from Florida, and my eldest sist...

poetlou 6 years ago

Do not let growing up in the streets define you as a person? You are older now and don’t need to talk the street talk and slangs. Educate yourself to what you can be, not what you was. I do not want to be defined as a street thug or a ghetto rat...

CaptNick 7 years ago

You are my

you are my love

You are my angel You are my queen You are my best friend You are my joy You are my pride You are my soul You are my heart beat You are my light You are the beautiful flower You are my baby girl You complete me you are the breath in my lungs the blood...

aussie_kitty77 7 years ago


Now the hard work starts....

Glad to hear you're home with your family, After a week stuck in hospital.But, just because you're home Doesn't mean your life goes back to normal. Now is when your hard work starts. Pain, Physiotherapy, rest then repeat. Then add playing with the ki...