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Beesting 2 weeks ago

Arbour Games [S3] – A Fuel Story

In the first PPV of the season, the new Formula-X Queen must face off with 'The Diamond' of F-X.

26th of September – Season 3 Devì stared at the Arbour Games poster that had her and Stevie on it and couldn’t help but be disappointed. Does this make me look fat? Looks were very important to Devì and she...

Rachel_92 1 month ago

Table for Two

Whole new dining experience

We sat at our favourite table by the window. I’m not the jealous type, but I know what I saw last night! There you were, with a smug grin on your face. Shamelessly, licking your lips like a brazen hussy. The same lips that I thought were reserved fo...

Anonymous 4 years ago

Unknown Feelings

Sitting here in the dark.

Missing you,Needing you,Wanting you,Knowing I cant have you,Which causes me to want you more,We were there for each other,Through it all,Deaths,Injuries,Tears,We had each other at ou...

Hate with a hint of longing.Scorn with a tinge of craving. Disdain with shades of desire. Loathing laced with fire. A curse yet almost a prayer.A scream and a whisper. A war-cry and a lullaby.Your truth and your lie...

Survivor 6 years ago

Know Thyself

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-ey'd monster, which doth mock.

How old am I, for god's sake? I mean really. Does she like me? Does she 'like' like me? Do we ever really grow up. I thought we had an understanding. Apparently not. Oh, to hell with it. At least I know myself well enough to look inside, a...

I pride myself on being a contented guy, But I can’t help looking at this tree with jealousy in my eye. He has a heart yet he has not a single feeling, If I were like him then I’d not have known this feeling like my heart...

gypsy 6 years ago

The Torino's Lament

Cars have feelings too, you know

Preamble - friends of mine have a lovely and lovingly cared for vintage car, a Ford Gran Torino. It's taken out by them on special occasions, but for a recent such event, the Torino was left at home, as there was no secure parking available at the venu...

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paulus 6 years ago


Another took her place

At his side, where she belongs That other woman lies And in her nightmares and her dreams That other woman dies More than a hundred different ways With bullets, poison, knives But in her nightmares and her...

blackvamp1 7 years ago

The Promise

The old story of love and betrayal

A promise from my lover isthe glass upon the floor,broken by my lover and hisdirty, fucking whore. A promise from my lover isthe glass beneath my feetwhich cuts me and unfolds to me my lover’s black deceit. A prom...

Livingroom11 8 years ago

Inspiration is twisted... i now have inspiration

I looked on as though again it was happiness at my expense

Inspiration is twisted… I now have inspiration.Nicola from Almagretta. I had no idea Valetta had such a sound, almost as if she had been dumb a year and a half lingering in my room & once dragged to Italy. But tonight she blossomed… in...

courage2bfree 9 years ago

That would cause a stir!

A girl tries to come to terms with her lack of competitiveness.

I try to defend my team’s goal. Felicity is trying to shoot the ball into the hoop above my head. She is three inches taller than me. Skinny with long arms and legs and strangely large hands that easily grip the netball. She jumps up and I jump too archin...