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Fuel Season 3: Episode 16 – The Ambassador

When Mandla is given a secret mission by Moodswing, he recruits Devì to get the job done...

24th of January – Season 3 MONDAY MORNING Mandla Xulu felt strange sitting in the lobby outside Moodswing’s office. Even though the Club President was nothing like the Deputy Mayor, Mandla felt exactly how he usually felt sitting outside his father's offi...

Show-Down at the Capital - A Fuel Story

It's the one night a year where Formula-X takes to the mainland!

28th of November – Season 3 Eleanor Coetzee was uncomfortable. She was currently sitting in the back of a black Hyundai SUV with the Formula-X Racing Club President, Terrance 'Moodswing' Moodley. She didn't know what was worse: being called to his office...


Protests for racial equality.

Waves of people filled the streets while chanting hand in hand,in hopes they’d send a message that would spread across the land. Some acts of grave injustice that they’d witnessed on TVaroused a mass of anger ‘bout police brutality. A cry for racial justi...


The Naming of Pheasants

Of Pheasants, Penzance, and Politics

Indianhead summer begins in the middle of June. That’s when the grass along the roadway of our rural Wisconsin town is available to be mowed. Six years ago the Town approved a resolution to prevent town mowing operations until the second week of June. Tal...


Goldilocks and the Three Pigs

A teenage girl has an adventure with three little pigs

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there was a girl named Žaneta, who was known to her friends as Goldilocks, on account of her beautiful long hair that was as yellow as a buttercup.  One sunny day, Goldilocks awoke to a snorty squeaky noise comin...

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US presidential election

A nation was braced for the end of the raceand the close of a turbulent year –The votes had been cast, all the data amassed and the victor was soon to appear. They’d both tried to tap a mysterious gap,as a way to unbalance the scale –was anyone’s guess, b...

How sad the best that we can do is picking these pathetic two for President of our United States. One a bozo quite uncouth the other cannot tell the truth A sad choice to have on our voting plates! Yes it’s fun to laugh and dump all over clownish Donald T...

The Conning Of America

Just my thoughts on the subject, and this is as political as I'll ever get certainly...

A con man rolled into town, With a funny looking wig. Made a lot of promises, Everything will be really big. He claims he doesn’t like immigrants, Says they cause a lot of strife, But you certainly would never know, By looking at his imported wife. And he...

Paper Bag

Who is to blame?

Breathe in, Breathe out, Slow, Deep Can’t face the world, Can’t bear the helplessness Breathe in, Breathe out How can we cope in such a world? A cruel place, unjust Slow, Deep How did we get here? What have we done? What have we all done? Breath in, Breat...


A story about a village in Kerala, India and the political drama that happened in 1980's.

Padavampuzha- A village in God’s country Kerala, the southern end state of India. The Village is highly known for its natural beauty with Cheruthoni River flowing across and highly flourished with the farms and biological assets. Green environment all aro...