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women racers

Fuel Season 3: Episode 27 – Requiem

After mocking her app, the 'Daughter of Divinity' looks to rid herself of the Koeks at great risk.

2nd of May – Season 3 Devì was pissed. She was losing money and she knew why. It was the Koeks. They’d spread the rumors that the app didn’t work. That was the reason that she was currently sitting in her lawyer’s office, awaiting a response to her questi...

Fuel Season 3: Episode 4 – The Women's Dynasty Begins

While a new Queen is coronated, another woman begins a revolution for women in motorsport

27th of September – Season 3 Penny Potgieter had never really liked weddings. They were a mess to organize because the people getting married always thought they knew better than her. In the end, it was always an elaborate celebration for people who didn'...