A Lover Lost...

This is a story of loss and bereavement.…

My dearest Darling, You’ve meant so much to me since we’ve been together. You’ve been a beacon of hope, allowing me to express myself in ways I didn’t know I needed. You may not even know it, but you encouraged me so much. You’ve helped me have the …

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The Voyeur

Ding-dong “Hello?” “I might be wrong, but I think you were spying on me from your window?” “Er…” “Enjoying the view, were you?” “Erm…” “Get a good gawp at my naked body?” I really didn’t know what to say. “Did you like seeing my bare breasts …

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Journey of the Heart Through the Loom of Life

A poem of love for Emma - my wife and companion through the years...…

It began at sunriseOn that Cretan IslePlayful seductive glancesFrom the very first momentBy sunset I was caught foreverIn the weave of your silken netMy wild, gorgeous temptress Captured by mischievous eyesDeep sumptuous poolsThat reeled me in andFie…

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That Distant Summer

I come here every day and think of you. I recall those secret, stolen moments that will forever be ours. I remember how we talked and giggled; of how we shared, and discovered each other. In that tranquil meadow, we joined and found a completeness…

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Dinner for One

Sometimes it pays to look a little deeper...…

To everyone in the room, she seemed like just a normal girl wearing Vans, bluejeans, and a red hoodie.But looks can be deceptive; the clothes chosen deliberately to conjure up that very word—normal.The volunteers saw only what they expected to see; w…

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Carpe Diem

How much do you really know about our myths and legends?…

Dear Reader,Nobody believed our story. But the events I relate to you below really happened. It may seem fantastic, but they do say that truth is always stranger than fiction.You can make up your own mind — I only want to set the record straight befo…

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Hand In My Pocket

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.…

March 1995 — KenyaA Fateful DecisionI’d been in Africa for nine weeks; two very eventful months. In that relatively short time, I’d already undergone a multitude of emotions, enjoying some incredible highlights and experiencing a range of unfortunate…

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The Sisterhood, Part 1 - Defeat

And so it begins...…

In the beginning was Chaos. And Chaos detested organisation and structure. He was roguish and full of mischief. Whenever order and logic looked likely to prevail, he would chuckle, wave his divine hand and delight in thwarting such impudence. Exasper…

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The Monster Within (Part 4)

Can Vincent finally find peace?…

December 1999…I awoke about a decade ago, and had continued my exploration of America. I, however, felt an irresistible pull to the south. Unable to fight it and unsure of what awaited me, I found myself in New Orleans.Can blood drain from the face o…

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The Monster Within (Part 3)

Vincent continues his journey into a new century...…

Damn me, God! I hadn’t meant to kill him — or had I?After wandering the streets for God knows how long, the events continued to swirl inside my head as I struggled to settle upon one emotion. Since the unfortunate incident, I had been racked with hur…

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The Monster Within (Part 2)

Vincent tells his story of how a good man became a monster...…

I felt quite good to have ridden the city of a filthy vermin, yet I needed to see my sweet Elizabeth in order to feel more man than beast again. Only the touch of her creamy flesh would expunge the violent death from my hands. I was desperate to see …

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The Monster Within (Part 1)

How does one live with unquenchable thirst?…

The early 1800s...This time, I settled in Paris, adopting the French derivative of my name — Vincent. With its dense population, narrow streets, and dark crevices, Paris suited my needs perfectly, allowing one such as myself a myriad of places to lur…

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White Water

Three minutes on the Zambezi.…

They had encouraging, cosy names, like The Gnashing Jaws of Death, Terminator, and Oblivion.“If you go in, don’t let go of your paddle! Swim left, away from the wall,” yelled the instructor as we approached.This one was called Morning Glory.Paddling …

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What Is Life All About?

How I learned a new perspective on life.…

Eons ago, when I was young, I lived in submarines. For someone who loves the mountains, it was a silly place to be. I was in an unhealthy space, and close to a nervous breakdown.I spent a lot of time wondering what life was all about.In the end, I de…

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Together Amongst The Stars

Co-operation is the name of the game in space!…

The supportive and cosy camaraderie accomplished by the ten friendly astronauts on the space ship was an incredible achievement.Floating free inside their distant home, their stories were a celebration of mutual understanding and co-operation for the…

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Where Has The Sun Gone?

A murky Autumn surrounds us, a bleak, plague-ridden Winterfast approaching.What happened to Summer?I hear you ask.Good question.Don’t you remember?We already had it!Pah! When?In Spring, of course.Now, now -don’t get cross.The world is changing.Didn’t…

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