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True Stories


Continental Drift, pt. 5

Sudbury to Ottawa

I must have been lonely. I have a distinct memory of sitting in a park, in where I think is Sudbury, Ontario, my back against the trunk of a large tree, listening to Bruce Springsteen. Specifically, I was listening to the end of “I’m on Fire” off Springst...

Continental Drift, pt. 3

Gooseberry Falls to Mirror Lake

I met some nice folks at the State Park. An older couple (probably about the age I am now) staying in an RV in the next camping spot over shared some of their breakfast with me, and wished me luck. I walked out onto the highway. I got a ride right up to t...

My dad dropped me off on the shoulder of an entrance ramp to I-90 on a sunny summer day in 1984 (hitchhiking on the Interstate is illegal, but it’s legal to stick your thumb out for a ride if you do it on the entrance ramp). I slid my oversized, kind-of-g...

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How I Broke My Nose While Playing Chess At A Church Summer Camp

The inside story of how I managed to get my nose broken while playing chess at a church summer camp.

  Way back when, a friend and I were sitting behind the wired backstop to the church camp’s dusty softball field, playing chess on a small travel board, while waiting for the game in progress to end. We had cleverly positioned ourselves so both of us coul...

White Water

Three minutes on the Zambezi.

They had encouraging, cosy names, like The Gnashing Jaws of Death, Terminator, and Oblivion. “If you go in, don’t let go of your paddle! Swim left, away from the wall,” yelled the instructor as we approached. This one was called Morning Glory. Paddling fu...

In dream, my skin has been charred soot-black, not all over my body, but on my arms, my legs, my penis, my chest. In dream, I only notice the burns if my eye happens to fall upon that area of skin. There is no pain. No pain, but a deep, shuddering fright...


Finding Life and Losing Faith

I can no longer view life the same way as before.

As we sat down sipping our tea from our teacup around the dining table, the sister superior welcomed and thanked us for volunteering to help them. The three of us were handed the guidelines, explaining to us the work we could help out with. I went through...

A generalized affliction A unique depiction Formed of a decision  Judges speculate on the way we living Be them get lost in the crowd Unified by the name on your tag Faceless drones of the system What to be what to eat who to be Wind-up up toy they hold t...