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Broken Roses

The first blow of the next war of good v evil

It had started inauspiciously, much as any other day. But that sharp, cold, Thursday morning was one that would shape history. Both political and religious history. It would be wrong to say that it 'changed' history, as history is an eternally changing st...

A Smooth Running Gun (Revised)

This was rejected repeatedly from the Red side and hope all who read it enjoy.

Finding myself waking at the break of day to a coffee scented morning here in Paris, and propping myself up on an elbow under that red comforter as I look around and breathe in that rich coffee smell. And thinking of what was seen in the dreaming as I att...

“Tony, there’s a fire!” Scout yelled as loud as he could. He could see the smoke rising from the streets of Paris, a glittering mirage of smoky auras that clouded his view. “Oui, I am coming!” Tony screamed. Scout pulled on his hat. This looked like a mas...

"Mademoiselle, I cannot begin to express my pleasure at meeting you," he said softly. He was not lying. For three - nay, four - years he had waited to meet the fair lady who graced the small café down the street from his house. She came in, all slender fe...


A girl feels out of place in stylish Paris.

Paris. Walking down the Champs Elyse Parisian women skinny, elegant, stylish. I wear a cotton shift fine for working in the vineyard not for this sophisticated dance. Boyfriend’s cousins thin and whispy, strangers sitting on furniture; antique, dingy wall...