That Little Ship

The second full poem I wrote for a collaboration on Anxiety. Dark and depressing.…

This is the second attempt on a collaboration I participated in on Anxiety / Release. This one didn't make the cut, but I am posting all the poems I wrote as part of the journey. It was dark times in my head as I wrote this, and travelled the path to…

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Thanks for the Ride

The first poem I wrote in a series on Anxiety.…

I wrote this piece as the first effort in a collaboration between myself and an artist. The theme was Anxiety / Release. They said I was wrong in the head, a case study for the shrinks. Neurotic, psychotic... and a few other - otics and - olics. Un…

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With You By My Side

I went for a walk by myself. I got lost in my thoughts and on the streets. I had no idea where I was. You were with me in my mind, beside me supporting my every misguided step. It was your steady hand that stopped me from stepping off the …

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The Box

What possible good can come from a non-descript box?…

Imagine a box. A non-descript box, just sitting on the ground. All around you, people are walking around this box, paying it no attention. But something about this particular box draws you in. It is almost like there is a force within that is grabbi…

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A Toast: To Triangles with Jam

This poem is the work of myself and a fellow poet, who is the most random friend I have in many ways. Thanks for helping to write this one, B! #Respect Our world is filledwith plans and schedulesWe are all-consumedwith that inexplicable restlessness,…

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Leap of Faith

Inspired by an evening of fun on a trampoline…

Perspective is changedfrom the upside downtumbling, spinningnothing seems the same.We strive for normal,feet firmly plantedyet we power as highas we think we can go.We launch our bodiestowards the heavensaround we go, head over heelsonly to fall back…

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Our Love

Let your love soar,flying to the clouds unfettered.Let the passion insidecontrol you.Love me alwaysbody, mind and spirit.The two are one,in all things, we loveeach other.Your very beingreflects me,and I, you.We are the same.To the sky we rise,above t…

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Fading Reality

I try to recall the last time I saw you but the memory is faint It used to be so easy to imagine your face, to envision your body Yes, it was so clear Something has changed not in you, but in me Your features fail Your shape disappears Driven by fant…

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what can withstandthe hottest firesteel is meltedinto swords love and passionmelt into nothingfrom the heatof the forge burning insidetears fallinto a poolof despair on your kneesan anguished soulwater drenchesflames to embers the fury of hateof lust…

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Unreal Summer

The unreal summer in my mind…

To the moon I said for our summer recess if for no other reason than to feel weightlessness We'll jump over a crater and grab some moon rocks as souvenirs. But, said the boss the cost is high the risk is great and the temperature is oh so low at nigh…

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For that special person...…

My words are fire They burn inside My heart sings With thoughts of you Darkness exists But light abounds Awake or asleep You are always Alive. Everything I write. All my thoughts. My dreams My passions You. Come with me Away, together Be my inspirati…

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Written after a frustrating 3 day period in a computer lab…

At every step you thwart me Your mocking beeps get tiring No matter what I try You try to upstage me Dragging me down To your pit of wires Forcing me to curse you As I sink into the mire Damn you, computer I am the boss Believe me, computer I will wi…

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The Words are a Blur

Just for fun...because I was hot.…

Too hot to thinkThe words are a blurThe lines on the highwayRace by AC crapped outRadio did tooI can't get my thoughtsTo run straight Nothing makes senseThe signs all pointIn the wrong directionI'm running out of gas Aha! What's that ahead?A lightA v…

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for emma

To best friend in Second Life…

In a different world I knew you. In a second life We met We hung in the sky, In a tree or a park. Dancing in the clouds, Romancing on a boat We drifted. Together, yet apart. We shared our hopes, We lived our dreams. We didn't hide Behind a virtual fa…

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Where are you?

I wonder where you are Why are you not listening Why have you gone to the place Where my words are not heard? Does it mean so little to you That I have something to say Are my verbal thoughts Unimportant? The place you have gone Does not allow me in …

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Without You

A thought in a dream...…

Sitting under the big sun The heat makes me sleepy In a lethargic state of mind My thoughts are on fire My feelings sweat out of me Sunbeams dance on my brow A smile plays across my lips My heart beats in time Majors and minors Music surrounds me I'm…

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The Journey

A Multi-versed Haiku about my wife's journey through cancer…

Many years of health Blessing flowed abundantly Laughter, love and peace Without permission Beneath the surface growing Tumors of evil Tears of fear crying Uncertain times lie ahead Love will get us through Sickness darkness light A vicious circle of…

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Something that will never be.…

I sometimes lay awakeWonderingIf you understandThe feeling that I feel Every now and then I lay awakeDreaming About what can never beAn unrequited love I can't help but ponderThe effect you have on meYou permeate my very beingTo the fiber of my soul …

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