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Heat Stories


Warmth Yearning Growing stronger Deep breaths Heart racing  Hands begin to sweat Mind alert Body tingles Can't think  Words mixed up Feeling teenage goofy Head over heels in love            


A man has to do, what a man has to do.

It's hot out. The sun was blazing. Not ten minutes into the journey and it broke down. Now I'm on foot. Sweat dripped from my forehead. Cars passed me by. They honked and waved. Do they stop and help? Oh No, they just drove by. Some laughed at my situatio...


School Trip

It's educational you know

June. Eighty degrees in the shade.I’m on a coach with fifty over-excited, over-heated, under sevens. We’re off to a farm. All day. Whose bright idea was that?As a responsible adult, I grin and bear it. Today I will be teacher, helper, protector and toilet...

The Phoenix

bring the heat...

The Phoenix I am the Phoenix You are the fire I want to be Your one desire Fanning the embers Of a growing flame Feelings so Intense Can't be given a name Two bodies entwined Two hearts enflamed The heavens burst forth We can't be blamed Ashes combined Tw...

The Cost Of Love

Lovey Dovey stuff

When one heart seeks another it cannot hide. Wanting, needing, longing for its partner. When two hearts collide the feelings cannot be denied. Two beat as one and the one beats for it's other. Nothing feels like the pounding joy of love. True love cannot...

The Words are a Blur

Just for fun...because I was hot.

Too hot to thinkThe words are a blurThe lines on the highwayRace by AC crapped outRadio did tooI can't get my thoughtsTo run straight Nothing makes senseThe signs all pointIn the wrong directionI'm running out of gas Aha! What's that ahead?A lightA very b...

The Mexican Village

A man overpowers a wild horse.

The merciless heat turned the earth to dust, kicked up by the horses and mingled with the sweat of his audience, men increasingly inebriated. He approached the bare backed stallion which kicked and flailed around. The smells around me overpowered; roastin...

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A pleasureable shower

WATER With aching limbs I step into the shower feeling the hot steady stream of water coursing over me causing the atoms in my body to dance freely I stand in this pleasure for a never ending moment. Turning the taps off brace myself for the cold air of t...

The Coral

An English woman finds out what life is like in a small pueblo in Mexico

“What’s happening in San Andres today?" Claire asked. "It's the patron saints day of the pueblo, Sand Andres de la Cal."  "Take us with you this time," Claire pleaded. “I want to show the girls the washing troughs and shower room you had built.” “It's not...