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The Wang-wang-pede

If you go down to the beach today, you're in for a big surprise...

A wang-wang-pede rose from 'neath the seaAnd sclobbered towards the beachOn seven and twenty tenticlawsWith a retching craw-craw screechHe flared his squinty nostrilsThen snapped his clack-clack beakHis tenticlaws grabbed man and childAnd he slapped his g...

Masterful Tony Rode A Masterful Pony

What foul deeds will old Mrs Bunyons get up to this time?

Masterful Tony rode a masterful ponyThrough the streets of the small village fayreIt neighed and it brayedAnd clip-cloppity swayedWithout worry, nor hurry, nor care.Then old Mrs Bunyons, grabbed her sack of onionsAnd threw it on Tony's young backThe pony...

I owe, I owe, I owe

random excuses and questions asked.

I owe, I owe, I owe yes this I know How do I catch up?I don't know, know, know Can't you give me a break?not today, today, today But I don't understand why my bill is so highIt's because you haven't paid, paid, paid I fell on hard times, can't you helpI l...

To Be Like the Koalas

An abstract piece of something.

Each second in passing my mind conveys A shroud of shadows, a dreary haze To spry minds a distinction so stark A harbinger of an inevitable dark Though murkiness approaches, ever so near My vantage remains, abiding and clear Primordial clouds configuring...

The purple pansies peer quixotically at me from their flower bedAn earthworm attempts to ignore my churning trowelToo close, a shudder with a side order of shriekDigging in my lovely little sunny gardenA bumble bee flits and flirts buzzily near my headWit...

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