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Pscybotics Volume One: Episode 3 - No Place Like Home

After the impossible happens, five teenagers find themselves in the future where dangers lerk

36 HRS EARLIER  October 9 th, 2040 04:45 ‘What do you think, Rip? You think they’ll go for it?’ ‘I don’t know!?’ ‘But let’s be serious Rip. This is the military we’re talking about. They’re not going to commission a military plane to fly across the border...


Blank and black like a clean slate, there was nothing of my life before, nothing but the black smog that covered my mind like a thick blanket. I could scratch and claw at the mass but to no avail. It was formless and impenetrable and I was weak in compari...

Journey to Andromeda

5 spaceships set out on a 20 year journey to colonize a dsitant planet

Humanity had decided that the time and technology had arrived to go out and populate other planets. 75 years earlier, when the trip took almost 40 years, scout ships had been sent out to survey other galaxies for a suitable planet, capable of sustaining h...