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We are proud to have provided a platform for writers of all genres and backgrounds to share their creativity and passion with the world. On this page, you'll find a collection of our previous winners who have been recognized for their exceptional storytelling abilities.

Each of these writers has demonstrated an impressive command of language, a deep understanding of human emotions, and a unique voice that captures the imagination of readers. From heart-wrenching dramas to gripping mysteries, their stories have touched and inspired readers all around the world.

We invite you to take a moment to explore our winners' stories and learn more about their journeys as writers. Whether you're an aspiring writer yourself or simply a lover of great stories, we hope that you'll find inspiration and joy in these works. If you're interested in participating in our writing competition, be sure to check out our submission guidelines and upcoming deadlines. Who knows? You could be the next winner featured on this page!

Príšera Vnútri

Surely, the most devastating of all monsters is that which comes from within?

The two young girls played vivaciously in the cool water by the glade. As they splashed and frolicked, their laughter echoed around the mountain valley. The surrounding trees, comprising primarily of larch, beech, and spruce - and, of course, oak – gently...

Teeth of the Sky

Of course it was a warning.

“Pyramids on the moon. Trippy. Looks like an album cover. Like, you know, Pink Floyd or something.” While Grizz looked out on the horizon contemplating mid-70s prog-rock album art, Jonesy got to work. “Lex, report, are you okay? LOIS, I need a situational...

Just Another Monstrous Tale

Maybe one needs to look with one's heart instead of one's eyes...

A brutally honest reflection forecasts my nearing end, but at four years and a hundred, I can't complain. My head is bald and mottled; my beard rivals the snow; wrinkled folds for eyelids obstruct my vision. All memories have long since abandoned my decay...

When people think of me they think of food. They say I have a relationship with it, almost as if I’m married to it. I confess it bothers me. It’s Ed I’m married to, and some people in this neighbourhood would do well to mention that a little more. I don’t...

Score 8 8
357 Views 357
2.4k words 2.4k words

Memories of Mardi Gras (One Last Time)

Anything can happen at Mardi Gras, even what you least expect...

A shiver crept up my spine as we walked into the haunted graveyard. Although it was broad daylight, there was something existentially eerie about walking amongst the dead remains in concrete tombs. We had come to New Orleans for Mardi Gras, but after enjo...

Earned My Beads On Downing Street

What would you do, if you had forever ... but only one day a year?

“Of all the carnal powers; and the blessings of the Shrove of Man; Grant me this small mercy. By the Saints and martyrs - beyond, before, within my blood rite, and without. Guard and protect my soul tonight. I ask all this as your humble servant. E Nomine...

Focus on the Beauty

A six-sided symbol of winter helps her focus on staying alive.

Focus on the beauty, the geometrical phenomenon of frozen water in spectacular crystallized form. Each one appears different from the next and captivating to behold. And while these minuscule bits of ice appear white due to the diffuse reflection of the w...

Fire and Ice

Look closer.

My big brother Jon packed a snowball with mittened hands. “It’s fake.” “What’s fake?” I knew what he was about to say. Sometimes when it’s your brother you just have to listen. He threw the snowball at me. “The snow. Fake. Made of plastic.” He started mak...

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I Am Woman, Hear Me Rorschach

Perception is reality, unless it isn't, but it could be...

"If jumping to conclusions was an Olympic event, you’d take the gold.” "Seriously?" "Shut up!" an exasperated Maeve shot back. "Don't mock me. I'm not good at this." Kerri glared at her soon-to-be, in-a-long-line of ex-girlfriends, girlfriend, reading CHE...

Score 11 11
409 Views 409
1.0k words 1.0k words

Spirit Of Someone

Another diary entry…

Yet another scribbled entry in this diary of lies, Paralysed, in this pseudo world of one. Whispers, whispers of near-naked misunderstandings, Sometimes hard to breathe through invisible tears. Safe, warm worlds under cold silken sheets equals, Dream. Cur...

Score 18 18
322 Views 322
201 words 201 words

Lonely Reverie

Alone in the woods seeking solace

I walk alone by crystal stream, Beneath a canopy of green, In hopes that I can find a place, To gaze up at the sky and dream. Can my heart find solace there Within the realm of Nature fair, Where Peace is found in such sweet space, So far from any human c...

It was between him and her, and her and her, and like always I was caught in between, a bottle of bourbon trapped between my thighs while I nursed the glass—the alcohol burned fresh paths down my throat, drawing parallels with the scars that ran down my a...

Score 10 10
472 Views 472
4.5k words 4.5k words

The Blue Danube Waltz

Would you go back and try to change history if you had the chance?

The old man sat at the table, watching the couples dance. He stared into his glass of Schnapps. The taste did nothing for him. Nothing did anything for him anymore. He wasn’t sure why he’d come. The lecturers and professors got younger every year. He felt...