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Quicksilver: The Alpha Awakening – Prologue

Every hero has a beginning, but for Jedidiah Bridger, his start was dark...

Jed had never seen so much chaos in his life. Then again, he was only fourteen and hadn’t experienced all that much life. But this was still something out there. All over the city, there was rioting. Police everywhere and more notably, people attacking th...

Ancestor - Epilogue

Epilogue for Ancestor

It had been half a year since the battle where the orb was destroyed. Xaine was now part of one of several hunting parties that had spread out to find and kill the remaining darkgons. He still didn’t feel quite right. Nothing he had done could have only b...

Ancestor Chapter 22: Evala

Chapter 22 of Ancestor

“Okay let’s talk,” Xaine replied. “What are we talking about?” he added after a few moments of silence. “Just… Come with me,” said Nab with a nervous look on his face and walked farther into the woods. Xaine followed him. They trekked through the wood for...

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