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The League of the Young and Supernatural (10)

A group of rogue aliens help fight to protect the Earth from shape shifting killers

Ch. 10 *Elian*It wasn’t long before my head hit the pillow that I had to bring it back up again. Unfortunately, it wasn’t my alarm clock that had woken me up, but rather the building’s alarms shrieking throughout the entire complex. The auto-generated fem...

The League of the Young and Supernatural (6)

A supernatural organization founded by rogue aliens fight to protect the human race.

Ch. 6 *Azaiah* The wind tugged at my hair and tied it in knots. But at this moment, I didn’t really mind. I had to make it to Treville, the filthy side of the city near the bay. Treville was the last place a “Buigel” battle had occurred, and it would be m...