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Alaska Stories


Where the forests nose into the lake, where the salmon spawn each year; where the camps were, that’s where you’ll find Blind Siku’s place. Siku is not here, nor are his bones. But stand on the shore, look through the mist to the hills on the other side, a...

Fishing Boat

One in a continuing series of a wandering man

"I need a job."The boat owner looked up at me for a long time. "Let me see your hands."I put the backpack down carefully against the pier and held out my hands."You're no fisherman.""No, but I'm strong and work hard."The man looked at me as he took off hi...

Dead Horse Creek

Adventure story set in the Alaskan wilderness

Dead Horse Creek Based on a story by Rich Eskew In nineteen and ten, five adventurous men headed out to the treacherous cold – and propelled by their hope, would engage the North Slope in pursuit of their fortunes in gold. So ‘Big Bill’ was there with his...