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Connections Stories


Overtness and Subtlety

A gentleman of subtlety comes to grip with the blatantness of another.

Subtlety is for me.Hints of what lies beneath,tantalize me to endeavor further.Whatever may become of she,and the hints of gifts she may bequeath,lather me into a deluge of fervor.Perceivable and prominent is sheto show what lies vulnerable just underneat...

Nicole arrived home from the morning shift at the coffee shop to find her belongings—what few she had—piled outside the door to her apartment. Her clothes were stacked in a heap on the front stoop. A large duffel bag with wheels stood upright on the edge...

Entangled Hearts

We are all sibling of the universe.

Entangled hearts we shareOur feelings make us care Connected we're much the sameHearts on our sleeves not a game Emotions felt from one another True compassion we rediscover Nothing to hold back forever moreEach others minds we must explore Not understand...